Saying goodbye to 2010

06:17:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Don`t drink too much :-P
It’s that time of the year...again apparently, as we have to say "Bye, bye birdie made in 2010" and "Welcome 2011!" Well it is impetuously necessary to move forward you know?! :-))

I know that my bloggers colleagues have shared with you their thoughts on what happened during this year (snooker related) or what it’s going to be like in the near future, so I’m not going to do the same, mostly because they’ve done a terrific job.
For me 2010 started when "Snooker, my love" was first launched into "space" so I could say it was a good year, although it has had its ups and downs...I think it’s the right way to put it , no? "Has had" as in "it’s not over yet". English still has some unsolved mysteries for me :-))) Oh wel,l more English lessons for next year, right guys? :-))

Anyway, so here are my thoughts for all of you, but firstly I want to say something about snooker...It is "my love" after all isn’t it? :-P
I hope the following year will bring more tournaments for snooker, more televised or live broadcasted snooker for the fans, more players eager to compete, more great minds with good intentions for this lovely sport, more ways of making snooker popular, more common sense and honesty, a better treatment in the media for snooker (and I do mean real papers and not tabloids which exploit news in such a dirty way) and of course more heart and soul because, in my opinion, that’s what makes the difference.

If 2010 wasn’t your year, then may 2011 be the one were all your wishes shall come true and if 2010 was good to you, then I wish you an even more greater 2011 because...well...we need good stuff in our lives.

A new beginning is always good for the body and spirit, so bring on 2011 and let us have a very prosperous, happy, filled with joy and snookerish year!
Happy New Year my dears! :-)

P.S. Don’t forget to make a wish at midnight! ;-)