WPBSA Board Receives Vote Of Confidence

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Thumbs up for the brains of snooker
Snooker's governing body, under the leadership of Jason Ferguson, was given a huge vote of confidence with victory at the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association's Annual General Meeting in Sheffield today.
The sport of snooker has gone through a major restructure this year and the WPBSA now controls the governance of the sport and represents the interests of the professional players.

The sport's commercial entity, World Snooker, has generated new interest in snooker this season on a global scale, with more tournaments with innovative formats and increased prize money. Further new events are planned for next season, including one in Brazil, one in Thailand and more in China.

Ferguson retained his position as Chairman, while former Metropolitan Police detective chief superintendent David Douglas, six-times World Champion Steve Davis, former referee Alan Chamberlain and Zhang Xiaoning of the Chinese Billiards and Snooker Association also retained their positions on the board.

Ferguson said: "The board and I welcome this vote of confidence from the membership, which provides us with the stability we need to move forward. However, there is a huge task ahead and we must not be complacent following this period of radical change.

"This board had been carefully put together and represents the global direction in which we are heading. Each individual member of the board brings a different and highly-valued skill."

The full voting results were:
Jason Ferguson. Votes for: 31 Votes against: 3
Alan Chamberlain. Votes for: 21 Votes against: 11
Steve Davis. Votes for: 26 Votes against: 7
David Douglas. Votes for: 28 Votes against: 5
Zhang Xiaoning. Votes for: 31 Votes against: 3
Les Barton. Votes for: 6 Votes against: 25
Lee Doyle. Votes for: 6 Votes against: 28
Patrick Fagan. Votes for: 4 Votes against: 27
Tony Knowles. Votes for: 7 Votes against: 24
Jim McMahon. Votes for: 4 Votes against: 29
Neil Tomkins. Votes for: 3 Votes against: 28

Source: worldwnooker.com


Anonymous said...

9 - 5 and 60 odd points down in deciding frame? what odds would you get for a comeback from that? (your local bookie wouldn't give you any, but i am sure there are some disreputable bookies in the far east who would)

To be honest I wouldn`t know, because I don`t take interest in that sorts of things. I know a lot of people do and make good money of it, but I never understood how the system works and moreover I don`t even care :-))

I`m just a snooker fan. :-)

P.S. No offence but my country is located in Central Europe (in the south-east part of it, to be more precise), not in the far East. That`s Russia...a bit more different, won`t you say?