On the road again: Snooker Championship League (group 1)

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Snooker is back in business baby and it’s getting serious even if the new year has only begun and we are still not very fond of going back to work :-))
In the following two days a new tournament will kick off, this being its forth year of choosing the best player to compete in the Snooker Premier League. Yep, I’m talking about the Championship League, a snooker event that it’s held in the town of Essex, at the Crondon Park Golf Club.

So, what’s this all about? Well, you know the Premier League right? Ok, so this Championship League is practically offering one player the chance to earn his place in this very special snooker tournament. Basically we are talking about 25 players who will compete from today on, although just one of them will secure himself a place in the actual event.

The format features seven groups, each group having seven players, the rule at hand being that each player will play each other in a best of 5 frames game. Each group will "create" a winner, so in the end seven players will play each other, the top four being the ones who will reach the semis and the final.

Marco Fu, the 2010 Championship League winner
For each match won, the players will get 1 point, so the most frames won and the least frames lost will help in developing their position in the league table.
You can check the prize money by reading my January snooker preview.

Today and tomorrow the first group of players will take their chances and do their best to be top of their group. Four players (the one who will come on fifth place, as well as the losing semi-finalists and the runner-up) will team up with "Group 2" that features only three pre-selected players, this rule applying to all of the groups. If it sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry, after the second Championship League session you’ll definitely figure it out. ;-)

So, this is how today is going to look like:

Table 1
10.30 am - John Higgins v. Mark Williams
11.45 am - Ali Carter v. Stephen Maguire
Not before 1.30pm - Mark Williams v. Shaun Murphy
2.45 pm - Stephen Maguire v. Graeme Dott
Not before 5.30 pm - Mark Williams v. Mark Selby
6.45 pm - Shaun Murphy v. Graeme Dott

Table 2
10.30 am - Shaun Murphy v. Mark Selby
11.45 am - Graeme Dott v. John Higgins
Not before 1.30 pm - Mark Selby v. Ali Carter
2.45 pm - John Higgins v. Shaun Murphy
Not before 5.30 pm - Ali Carter v. Graeme Dott
6.45 pm - Stephen Maguire v. Mark Selby
*All the hours are UK time 

The matches will not be televised, however certain betting web-sites will have LIVE streaming, placing a bet not being mandatory but you’ll have to register to have your share of free snooker ;-) Below you shall find the sites that will stream Snooker Championship League:

William Hill
Stan James
Paddy Power

I hope you’ll enjoy the first "snooker appearance" of our beloved players. See you tomorrow for the usual commentaries :-P