O`Sullivan in search of young "Future Stars"

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The second edition of "Future Stars" is ready to kick off
Love him or hate him, Ronnie O`Sullivan is one of the most emblematic figures that have ever existed in the snooker world and he is such a nice and colorful character that brings a breath of fresh air to a very disciplined system. He has conquered the most wanted titles, he has amazed the whole planet with this wicked style of playing snooker, he holds the record for hitting the fastest 147 break and he is still kicking ass when he really wants it. :-)

Some time ago I was telling you about the fact that one of Ronnie’s intentions for the near future is to be mentoring youngsters who want to make it in the snooker business. Back in August he said for SkySports that he proved everything that had to be proven in snooker and that now he feels like giving something back to the game.

Starting with 2010 he team up with Rileys to organize a huge event for boys and girls 16 of age or/and under, event that is very well known by the public as " The Future Stars". All Rileys clubs have hold regional competitions from witch they`ve pick 120 lucky players, in the end 8 of them competing during the World Championship in Sheffield.
And you must remember that while Hazel Irvine was talking to Steve Davis, Dennis Taylor, John Parrott or maybe with Ken Doherty, in the background you could notice some really talented boys working their asses to pot those crazy snooker balls. :-D They were attentively supervised by Ronnie - this was his first "league" of youngsters that need his training. At the end of the tournament a little boy from Sheffield named Joe Walker won the competition, cashed the £5,000 prize and received free coaching from the one and only Ronnie O`Sullivan. :-)

Superman Ronnie coaches the future snooker stars
"Ronnie has been a great coach, he's offered me a lot of advice and we've played a couple of frames that were close. I had a good season last year and am taking steps towards my dream of becoming a professional.", said little Joe.

What’s really important for all of you youngsters who want to succeed in the snooker world is that a new series of "Future Stars" will be held in 2011 and that you can register at any time (free of charge), although I want wait too much if I were you, for the deadline is on February 28. The main rule is to love snooker, to want to become a professional, to be prepared to world your butt out and of course to be 16 years old or under until April 30.
The preliminary rounds, best-of-five frame Super 6s knockouts, will take place at Rileys clubs nationwide on Saturday March 19.

The mentoring coach O`Sullivan said: "I'm excited about the 2011 competition, I'm looking for a candidate with the potential to become a top professional player. I’m looking for someone with a unique talent - you can spot it straight away. With backing from Rileys and some mentoring from me - hopefully we can uncover a new World Champion."

"We are delighted to see the return of Future Stars. The standard of entrants in 2010, our first year, was exceptional and I'm sure this year will be even better. The competition is a real chance for a youngster to break into the snooker big time.", added Rileys Chief Executive Maurice Kelly.

So what are you waiting for little snooker legends? Visit: www.rileys.co.uk/futurestars and enter now for a chance to play next to the greatest names in the business. Good luck my dears and live your dream! ;-)