Shoot-Out Snooker welcomes sponsor

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One more week separates us from one of the most wanted and twisted snooker competition there are out there, for on 28th of January the "Shoot-Out" snooker tournament will kick off. And we can’t have a tournament running around without a sponsor, can we? :-)) So yesterday World Snooker announced the new "kid in town", the big sponsor behind this tournament -

Many of you already know what is all about but for those of you unaware of its activity, here it is. Basically we are talking about the child of Caesars Entertainment Inc. (based in Las Vegas... like dhaaa!), which by the way is one of the most powerful and important gambling companies in the world (so, please keep in mind the "gravity" at hand). From what I’ve heard and read (because I’m a total ignorant of gambling, and betting and stuff related to this subject) it’s the only real Las Vegas experience that the UK people can get, so that’s a pretty huge deal, don’t you think? I mean for those of you fond of playing cards, roulette or blackjack...or whatever I should say here :-)) No, now really this is a very important company with a very big web-site that provides the joy of playing, into a Vegas atmosphere, the games you like. You know..."what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" ;-)

The boys are ready to shoot those snooker balls
So, here are some little testimonials from the parts involved in this project. First of all we have the Captain of World Snooker Enterprise ship, the man of the hour...ladies and gentlemen please raise your hands for Mr. Baaaarry Hearn. :-))
"We're delighted to bring Caesars Casino, a globally recognised online gaming firm, on board for what will be a fantastic and frenetic three days of snooker. This is the most radical of the new tournaments we have introduced to the calendar this season. It will be full of drama and glamour, bringing the sport to a younger audience.", said World Snooker chairman.
Mr. Sabin Brooks, Head of Marketing for added: " is delighted to be sponsoring the innovative and ground breaking new Snooker Shoot-Out event. Our brand is all about excitement so the association was just too strong for us to miss the opportunity to be part of it."

So we have a very important event ahead of us, supported by a very important sponsor, an event that will turn up side down the classic snooker in a marathon timed by a shot-clock.
One frame, 10 minutes of snooker, a ticking clock = that’s the name of the game and SkySports will proudly cover it ;-)
For more information about the tournament you can check this article and if you want to know more about who’s playing, the prize money and stuff like that, please click here.