Snooker Championship League (groups 3 and 4) preview

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Groups 3 and 4 ready for the start
After some really big emotions and some really twisted situations (and I’m referring at The Masters) a week free from snooker arrived in our homes, witch was a bit crazy to think about it. But now all seems to be set up because this whole week (and the ones to follow for that matter) we have snooker on the menu. ;-)
As you all know the Snooker Championship League is far from choosing its champion, champion that will get a place in the 2011 Premier League tournament. Yipeeee! :-)) So until now, we have had the pleasure to watch two mighty groups, of better to say two groups with mighty players :-P, the winner of Group 1 being Mark Selby and the winner of Group 2, being another Mark but this time I’m talking about Mark Williams.

Between 24th and 27th of January we shall follow more players in their run for conquering a place in the final stages of the groups. But there’s someone who will be terribly missed by some of you and that person is Ronnie O`Sullivan. Shocking news (or not!) Ronnie withdrew from the competition, the one who is now taking his place being Stuart Bingham. I can’t help in wondering if this is one life’s infinite string of ironies, for Stuart was the one who defeated Ronnie in the first round of last year UK Championship...what about that? :-P Now, don’t get me wrong for Stuart occupies the 17th place in the world rankings and it was only natural to see the guy taking O`Sullivan`s place for he was next in line...but somehow along the way...I smell a bit of irony, don’t you? :-P I have to admit that Ronnie leaving the competition is a bit odd, since last time he compete in Group 2 he reached the final and got beat just 2-3 by Mark Williams. He was playing like a king and he did such a great job so to see him walk away now it’s a real pity.

Stuart to replace Ronnie...just this once
Anyway, now back to business! We have two groups: Group 3 and Group 4, both with 7 players eager to compete. On 24th an 25th of January we are going to see: John Higgins, Shaun Murphy, Ali Carter, Peter Ebdon, Stuart Bingham, Marco Fu and Mark King and on 26th and 27th of January we shall see four players from Group 3 along with Mark Allen, Stephen Hendry and Matthew Stevens.
The matches will be broadcasted LIVE on the internet, for those of you having accounts of certain betting web-site (you can watch snooker right from their window :-P) and for those of you not interested in making an account, you can see the matches by clicking on this link, though I have to warn you that this link is not always working.

And here’s today schedule:

Table 1 (all times are approximate)
10.30 am - Stuart Bingham v. John Higgins
11.45 am - Mark King v. Peter Ebdon
Not before 1.30 pm - John Higgins v. Shaun Murphy
2.45 pm - Peter Ebdon v. Marco Fu
Not before 5.30 pm - John Higgins v. Ali Carter
6.45 pm - Shaun Murphy v. Marco Fu

Table 2 (all times are approximate)
10.30 am - Shaun Murphy v. Ali Carter
11.45 am - Marco Fu v. Stuart Bingham
Not before 1.30 pm - Ali Carter v. Mark King
2.45 pm - Stuart Bingham v. Shaun Murphy
Not before 5.30 pm - Mark King v. Marco Fu
6.45 pm - Peter Ebdon v. Ali Carter
*all hours are UK time

So enjoy the snooker my dears and see you tomorrow for the review on what happened on the first day. ;-)