World Snooker Shoot-Out preview

06:09:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Shoot-Out event breaks the rules! Revolution baby! :-))
Here we are peeps - the snooker event of the year, the Shoot-Out tournament will kick off today in the city of Blackpool! Not a competition for purists, but for those who would like to see under pressure snooker live in their own living-rooms. :-P
Many of you know what this event is all about, so I will just points out the main rules and get on with the schedule so you can make your agenda for the next three days, ok ? :-)))

Things you should know about Snooker Snoot-Out:

- one frame knock-out
- random draw 
- world`s best 64 players
- the action is played on one table and one table only so you won’t miss anything at all
- each frame will last 10 minutes
- we have a shot-clock people! 20 seconds per shot in the first five minutes of the frame and 15 seconds per shot in the last five.
- if a player commits a foul then the opponent is granted ball in hand
- players must hit a cushion (with the cue ball or the object ball), or pot a ball each time they perform a shot
- players "lag" for who breaks (meaning that the players will hit a ball long ways to the opposite end of the table and who gets the ball closest to the opposite rail plays first)
- in case of a tie the "Blue ball" shoot out will be performed (winner of “lag” decides who goes first)
- lots of fun
- lots of "why are they doing that?"
- lot of "aww, is that over? so soon?" :-)))
Kidding, but is going to be lots of fun! :-)

Today’s matches:
Tony Drago v. Liang Wenbo
Mark Allen v. Ryan Day
Stephen Lee v. Michael Holt
Nigel Bond v. Joe Jogia
Stephen Hendry v. Fergal O'Brien
Robert Milkins v. Martin Gould
Andrew Higginson v. Jamie Burnett
Tom Ford v. Stephen Maguire
Ding Junhui v. Dominic Dale
Jimmy White v. Ali Carter
Michael Judge v. Alan McManus
Mark Williams v. John Higgins
Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Marco Fu
Peter Ebdon v. Steve Davis
Jimmy Michie v. Marcus Campbell
Mark King v. Jimmy Robertson

The event will be televised, the first day starting at 6:00 pm (UK time), but you can also follow the boys online. So don’t forget to tune in on SkySports 1 this Friday for your share of crazy, twisted, fast snooker! :-))