China Open 2011 qualifiers - Day 1

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"Davids" gang fighting for the victory
As always, the first day of a qualifying rounds competition saw a wonderful diversity of players, meaning that China and Thailand were cheering like crazy for their nationals to win their first match :-)) So yes, the first day was overwhelmed by the little Chinese players and the very eager to compete Thai players, in the end the score favoring the Chinese party who has four players through tothe next round, while the Thai gang has only two.
A very classic battle was given between Ireland and England as David Morris took on David Gilbert in a match that kept us hypnotised by the live scoring system :-))) It was the only match of the first day, that was ended by a decider. ;-)

As I was telling you before, the Chinese players were at their best kicking ass all day long, no one of them losing one single battle. Anda Zhang beat Patrick Wallace by 5-2, as well as Xiao Guodong beat Dermot McGlinchey, Liu Song hammered the Thai Noppon Saengkham with a 5-1 scoreline, while the second Liu of the competition, Liu Chuang sent Jak Jones home with a 5-3 final score.

The "other side", Thailand’s team had had just one defeat, but also "a conflict of interests" as two fellow-country players had to play against each other :-))) Kidding! But it was weird to see "Double T" (aka. Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon) play Issara Kachaiwong and being eliminated 5-1. The blog will feel lonely without him to talk about :-( Man, I should interview this guy! Here’s a great idea! Just imagine the title "An interview with Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon" :-)) I don’t think you’d be interested in reading the article after reading such a looong title :-P However he is a very good player, so all credit to him even though he lost yesterday.

Ben Woollaston hits the first century break of the COQ
In the meantime, James Wattana was "saving" the team as he beat Justin Astley 5-2 and he’ll face Stuart Pettman today.

Great start for Kurt Maflin, a very talented player, who hasn’t had a very good period lately (snooker related), as he beat Simon Bedford 5-2. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the only girl in the main tour, for Reanne Evans lost yet another match :-( Although she won her first frame, her opponent, Ben Woollaston ended the match with a 5-1 lead as he hit the first (and only, so far) century break of the China Open Q. - a beautiful 130.
But one of the most exciting matches of the day was the one played by David Morris and David Gilbert. The David’s gang showed us what it means to play all nine frames at a time, as their battle ended up on a decider. Although Morris was the first to open the score, Gilbert won the next frame, but the Irishman succeeded in taking the lead by cashing the following two frames and setting the score at 3-1 in his favor. Gilbert made a comeback (the second frame was won only by a difference of four points 66-62), but Morris moved one step further from his as he cashed the 7th frame just by being two points ahead (68-66).
However, the Englishman succeeded in equalising the situation and bringing the match to a decider, that he won with a final score of 63-51. Tight, tight, tight!

Here are China Open qualifiers - Day 1 results:
Patrick Wallace 2 - 5 Zhang Anda
Liu Song 5 - 1 Noppon Saengkham
Xiao Guodong 5 - 2 Dermot McGlinchey
Simon Bedford 2 - 5 Kurt Maflin
Andrew Pagett 2 - 5 Joe Delaney
Liam Highfield 5 - 2 Jamie O'Neill
David Morris 4 - 5 David Gilbert
Liu Chuang 5 - 3 Jak Jones
Igor Figueiredo 2 - 5 Kuldesh Johal
Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon 1 - 5 Issara Kachaiwong
James Wattana 5 - 2 Justin Astley
Ben Woollaston 5 - 1 Reanne Evans
Paul Davison 5 - 3 Adam Wicheard
Michael White 5 - 3 Michael Judge

Today’s schedule:

17. Alfie Burden v. Zhang Anda
18. Adrian Gunnell v. Liu Song
19. Joe Jogia v. Xiao Guodong
20. Jack Lisowski v. Kurt Maflin
21. Jimmy Robertson v. Joe Delaney
22. Barry Pinches v. Liam Highfield

23. Ian McCulloch v. David Gilbert
24. Jimmy White v. Liu Chuang
25. Bjorn Haneveer v. Kuldesh Johal
26. Jamie Jones v. James McBain
27. Andy Hicks v. Issara Kachaiwong

28. Rod Lawler v. Kyren Wilson
29. Stuart Pettman v. James Wattana
30. Anthony McGill v. Ben Woollaston
31. Matthew Couch v. Paul Davison
32. Joe Swail v. Michael White
*all hours are UK time

Good luck to the boys and see you tomorrow for some comments ;-)