China Open qualifiers 2011 in action

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To have a few days off after a big and important competition it’s always good for your mind and soul, but too much "sitting and doing nothing" is not going to help your ranking position :-)) So yep, here we go again with snooker at full speed, only that this time we have the qualifying rounds for a foreign tournament, but a very dear one to our souls - the China Open. It has tradition, it’s in a mystical and beautiful land, so the boys of snooker, along with the only girl bold enough as to beat the hell out of them, are ready to play some magnificent snooker so they could book themselves a place in the main event, due to start on 28th of March and last for seven days full.

The defending champion, the Welshman Mark Williams is also the guy who holds the record of wining that shiny "plate" (that’s how the trophy looks like :-P) three times, back in 2002, then in 2006 and last time in 2010. Second to follow, is Ronnie O`Sullivan, the one who won the first edition of this tournament (as a ranking event) in 1999, but also the next one, in 2000. What will happen next, I really don’t know, but that’s none of my concern as right now I’m looking at the players who want a place, out of those spare 16. So, let’s not waste too much time of words and wish the players the best of luck in their conquest of a China Open spot, shall we? :-P

First day schedule, looks like this:

1. Patrick Wallace v. Zhang Anda
2. Liu Song v. Noppon Saengkham
3. Xiao Guodong v. Dermot McGlinchey
4. Simon Bedford v. Kurt Maflin
5. Andrew Pagett v. Joe Delaney
6. Liam Highfield v. Jamie O'Neill

7. David Morris v. David Gilbert
8. Liu Chuang v. Jak Jones
9. Igor Figueiredo v. Kuldesh Johal
11. Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon v. Issara Kachaiwong

13. James Wattana v. Justin Astley
14. Ben Woollaston v. Reanne Evans
15. Paul Davison v. Adam Wicheard
16. Michael White v. Michael Judge
*all hours are UK time

Please note that the rule at hand is "the best of nine" and that it’s very much likely that the qualifiers will play a wild card in China to reach the last 32 for the China Open. Also, as this are the qualifiers, we won’t be able to see the players in action, but we can follow their performances through the live scoring system. ;-)