German Masters 2011 - Day 2 (part II)

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"The Sheriff of Pottingham" on action
The day couldn’t have ended in a better way, as to see some really thrilling matches going on. It’s been quite a busy day and the players have done their job in a spectacular way, but right now it’s time to analyse the last part of the day, the evening session - the one that had some drama in it. :-)

Neil Robertson, the wonder boy who lost his passport and only arrived at the venue 45 minutes to spare before the match against Anthony Hamilton started, had put quite a show and kept us all awake as it was the last match to end the second day of the German Masters.
"The Sheriff of Pottingham" (aka. A. Hamilton) opened the match taking the advantage that Neil didn’t settle in yet, by firing in breaks of 70, 32 and 27 to take over the first two frames. But the Aussie didn’t stay in his seat too long as he practically stole the third frame from Anthony - Neil started with a 29 break, but his opponent replayed with a 60 break that ended just before he missed frame ball, so Neil came back to the table for a 35 break as to win the frame just by four points.

A beautiful 104 break was hit by Hamilton as to re-make the gap of leading Neil by two frames, but after the midd-session interval the Australian came back a bit more determined to win the match so he put some pressure on Hamilton shoulders, pressure that cost him a frame. Still, a wonderfully played 127 break brought Hamilton back to life; he was now just one step closer of winning the match, the score being 4-2.

Robertson will be heading back home
Things weren’t very pretty for Robbo so he stormed out and hit in breaks of 68 and 72 to level up the score and bring the match to a decider. Surprising stuff, this snooker sport, don’t you think? :-P
Although one can’t overpass the effort Robertson put into that comeback, he didn’t play like him, the fact that he had some problems coming to Germany having much to do with his quite poor form. The ninth frame was won by Hamilton with an outstanding break of 116, break that sent Robertson back home. This was it for "The Thunder from Down Under", at least for the German Masters tournament.

Another amazing match was the one where "The Captain" Ali Carter and "The Bulldog" Stephen Lee were the main names. The boys shared frames all the way though the final, that was taking over by Ali who’s meeting Joe Perry in the next round. And since we are on the Perry subject, I must tell you that his performance from last night was just wonderful! Joe put himself in the lead of Jamie Cope by two frames, but the youngster succeeded in pulling one back as to make the score 3-2 and reduce the gap between them. That was a good opportunity for Cope to make a total comeback, but Joe had different plans as he rushed in to take over the next three frames and cash the victory at 5-3.

"The Magician" Murphy wins his first match
Top class snooker for Murphy v. Day match as both players were at their best last night. Murphy took over the first frame, but Ryan leveled up, only to take the lead one frame later. Although the boys were just one frame apart, Day was the one who would always break the ice being one step further from Murphy, the Welshman hitting a beautiful 142 (the highest break so far) break as he went 3-2 up. That marked the moment from which Shaun made a superb comeback and took the lead by hitting in breaks of 51 and 30, sealing the victory at 5-3 with an 88 one. "The Magician" rose his cue as the crowd was feverishly applauding his performance!

Ricky Walden was definitely on fire yesterday as he defeat the 19 year-old player from Cheltenham, Jack Lisowski 5-2, in very quick match. Ricky took over the first three frames, only to see Jack pulling one back, but the Welshman keep going until he reached a 4-2 scoreline. Jack had one more chance to make a comeback into the game, but he only succeeded in winning one frame, the next one being cashed by Walden.

The third day of the German Masters competition continues with the following matches:

9:00 - 12:00 (UK time) - British EuroSport 2
John Higgins v. Robert Milkins
Mark Williams v. Anthony McGill
Mark King v. Marco Fu
Stephen Maguire v. Daniel Wells

13:30 - 16:30 (UK time) - British EuroSport 2
Anthony Hamilton v. Graeme Dott
Mark Selby v. Stephen Hendry
Peter Ebdon v. Ding Junhui
Shaun Murphy v. Joe Swail

19:00 - 22:00 (UK time) - British EuroSport
Ricky Walden v. Stephen Maguire/Daniel Wells
Mark Williams/Anthony McGill v. Dominic Dale
Joe Perry v. Ali Carter
Mark King/Marco Fu v. John Higgins/Robert Milkins

Enjoy snooker my dears and keep an eye on my Twitter account for the latest scores and this blog for the latest comments/gossip :-P