German Masters 2011 - Day 3 (part II)

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Mark Williams is continuing his good run
As the evening session for the Last 16 round ended, we now have the complete list of players, due to amaze us in the quarter-finals with their snooker abilities :-) We already knew that Mark Selby, Graeme Dott, Marco Fu, Ding Junhui and Joe Swail were through to the next round, as all of them have won their matches, but we were in need of three more players as to start the penultimate day of the German Masters. Here’s the story of what happened in day’s three evening session and how the player qualified for the quarter-finals :-)

Obviously I’m going to start with the match that was televised, meaning the one between Mark Williams and Dominic Dale - a very "Made in Wales" battle and if I were to count the top ref, Eirian Williams in, then we would have three Welsh guys having a ball on a Friday night ... well, at least some of them were having a ball :-P "The Welsh Potting Machine" seems to have been revived after a very unlucky period of time, winning the opening match played against Anthony McGill 5-1, while Dominic Dale was playing his first one as O`Sullivan withdrawal sent him straight into the next round.

Dominic Dale is heading home ... Vienna is calling!
The match started very good for Williams who hit in runs of 42, 31 and 72 as to take over the first two frames, but Dale replayed with a beautiful 90 break to reduce the gap at just one frame. Williams hit a 39 break in the 4th frame, just before he went missing a red into the left middle pocket, then came Dale’s 17 break as he missed a black (tight pockets, these days, I tell you!), but in the end Mark took over this frame also and entered the midd-session interval with a 3-1 lead.

Williams seemed to be running on last week "shot-clock" system (although ironicaly back then, he didn`t pot a single ball, as Higgins kept him away from the table) as he was potting like crazy in a very fast way, in the 5th frame hitting a very quick 104 (the 250th century break of his career), now being with one foot in the quarter-finals. The next frame made its debut with Dale’s awful misscueing, the mistake that made the ref come to see if the table was in perfect condition as to continue the match. Eirian looked at Dale and gently smacked him on the head saying: “Look what you’ve done!" :-)) Of course it was all in good spirit, Dominic laughing like only he can, in these situations :-)) But all that brought him a 98 break, break that came a bit too late, as William hit an 85 in the next frame and closed the match at 5-2. A very entertaining and good match, I might add :-)

Stephen Maguire performing a withewash
Stephen Maguire totally and utterly crashed Ricky Walden with a 5-0 scoreline, in a match that saw Ricky sitting in his chair, with nothing to do, while Stephen was potting his way through the balls. But one of the biggest surprises of the evening was yet to come, as Joe Perry hammered "The Captain" Ali Carter with a 5-1 final score! All these is leaving Mark Williams as the only highest ranked player in the tournament, not an easy responsibility to carry on, but if someone can do it, I’m sure Williams is the man for the job ;-)

Today’s schedule looks something like this:

The quarter-finals from 11:30 to 14:30 (UK time) on British EuroSport 2
Graeme Dott v. Stephen Maguire
Mark Selby v. Ding Junhui
Mark Williams v. Joe Perry
Joe Swail v. Marco Fu

The semi-finals from 18:00 to 21:00 (UK time) on British EuroSport 2
QF 1 v. QF 2
QF 3 v. QF 4

Fingers crossed for the snooker boys as today is one hell of a busy day and see you later on for some comments! ;-)


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