German Masters 2011 - the semi-finals

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Fu, gutted by his lost
Yesterday was a very important day for the last four players that were about to discuss their semi-finals, because a big and cozy place in the grand final was at stake. So after some really tight, long and exhausting battles, two of the snooker knights involved were declared as part of today’s big snooker rendez-vous :-)) A rendez-vous that’s announced to be entertaining, bloody, messy and necessarily to be watched on EuroSport :-P
But first of all, let’s see how did the boys do, in German Masters` penultimate day, shall we?

The televised semi-final was the one between Mark Williams and Marco Fu and carefully arbitrated by the Maltese ref, Terry Camilleri. What can I say? I enjoyed better the second part of match rather than the first one, mainly because that’s when the real battle was given. Muhahahahaaa! :-))
The Hong Kong resident was the one who took the lead, after he hit a 60 break to go 1-0 ahead, but Williams leveled up really quickly in the next frame and also took what was left of the first session (meaning frame three and four).How did he do it? Simple ... he tried to pot a long red at the beginning of the third frame but missed it and left Marco with good position, but the little guy only succeeded in hitting a 20 break. So the Welshman retuned to the table for a 28 break, just before he went missing the black in a very unfortunate attempt, so Fu saw an opportunity and took his chances with a 15 break that brought him the advantage of leading 35-28. After quite a safety shots battle, Williams hit a 46 break to win the frame and hit another 49 in the next one, to go up two frames.

Williams thinking what shot to perform next
After the midd-session interval Fu came back to the table and took his revenge (I was so sure that this was going to happen). Cue Man-Fu leveled up the situation at hand, with the help of a 66 break (for the first frame) and a 43 one (for the second frame), but don’t you think that it was an easy task for the Asian boy. No sir! It was bloody hard and a lot of mistakes were made by both players, in the end Fu knowing how to get back on track fast enough.
Now that the score was 3-3, anything could have happen, but something was telling me that "The Welsh Potting Machine" was going to attack, and in such way that nothing will be able to stop him :-P So he did ... as he hit in runs of 88, 71, 32 and 30 to win a place in the final while defeating Fu 6-3. To be totally honest with you, after Williams` latest performance from the German Masters, I was beginning to wonder when he will start potting those balls in a fluent way :-)

At a near table Mark Selby was taking on the Scot Graeme Dott in a match that lasted for hours and hours and hours... well, maybe it didn’t last that long, but it sure was a bit too long for my patience and please note that I’m a very patience person when it comes to snooker :-P 

One Mark, two Mark - evertyhing is ready for the Mark`s final
Dott opened the match with an 83 break, but Selby replayed right away to that. Still by the end of the midd-session interval, Selby found himself lead 3-1. He had to do something about it as to receive a place in the final, so he put himself together and had started potting those snooker balls and play some really good safety shots when the situation inquired. This is how the boys played their match, sharing frames and taking tons of minutes as to think what move to do next. Dott hit a 71 break that put him in the lead at 4-3, but I’m afraid that was all the Scot could do, as Selby rushed in and took over the next two frames to close the match with a 6-4 final score.

So Mark will meet another Mark in this year’s German Masters tournament and I must tell you that this was going to be so damn interesting to follow, so be sure to tune in on EuroSport. I remind you that the final will be played under the rule of "best of 17 frames".

13:00 - 15:45 (UK time) - British EuroSport 2
Mark Williams v. Mark Selby (the first session)
19:00 - 22:00 (UK time) - British EuroSport
Mark Williams v. Mark Selby (the second session)

Good luck to the lads and see you on Twitter for the latest results and right here for the latest commentaries! ;-)