German Masters without Ronnie O`Sullivan

19:13:00 Ramona Dragomir 1 Comments

Neaaah, I`m not coming this time either!
The fact that Ronnie has withdrawn from German Masters tournament might come as something shocking for some of you, or as something very common for the rest, but that’s just the way it is, unfortunately.
I have been hearing that his withdrawn was something to do with medical reasons and if that’s true, then I fell sorry for him and I hope things will work out in the end, but if that’s not true, then ... that’s not a very nice thing to "serve" your fans with.

So I’m afraid I haven’t got any good news for you today and I’m not referring here just at the Ronnie issue, but also at the fact that we won’t be able to see snooker tonight, as EuroSport is not covering the first day of the German Masters, due to some "technical reasons".

Hopping that things will be better tomorrow and that we will be able to see snooker and cheer for our favorites, I leave you with some kind of good news - the fact that we have live scoring on World Snooker web-site. That’s better than nothing, right? :-)