Welsh Open 2011 qualifiers - preview

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Although we’ll get a snooker-free week, this doesn’t mean that this lovely sport will be reduced to silence or that it’s on a break, because snooker is never on a break...at least not since Barry Hearn is in charge of it :-P There’s a bit of free publicity for the little fellow :-)) Whaaaat? I actually agree with the guy when he says we need more snooker, don’t you? :-)
Anyway, on a more serious note (as if I could ever be serious enough :-P), the Welsh Open qualifiers are about to kick off and probably they have already started as you read this...different hours around the globe. There’s a bit of free publicity about my world-wide blog :-)))) Ok, ok no mores stupid jokes!

So, this week we have the qualifying rounds for a very, very important ranking event - The Welsh Open, so 80 players will give their best in order to book themselves a place in the main competition that will start on 14th of February and will end on the 20th. However, this will become a reality only for 16 players, because that’s how many places are waiting to be filled out.
The rule at hand for the qualifying rounds is "the best of 7", so the first player to win four frames will be through to the next round, but just so you know two matches will be held over to the venue where the Welsh Open will be staged (Newport, Wales), this being the case for Ryan Day’s v. winner of 35 and Matthew Stevens` v. winner of 36 matches. To be more clear on who’s on number 35 and 36, click here.

The qualifying rounds will start today from 10 pm (UK time) and will end on February 11, all matches being played at World Snooker Academy from Sheffield but unfortunately there will be no audience for this stage of the tournament. Still,I should also mention the fact that even though we don’t have live coverage of this event, we shall benefit from the live scoring system available here.

So good luck to all the players and let’s get the snooker party started:

10am (UK time)
1. Liam Highfield v. Joe Delaney
2. Andrew Pagett v. Kuldesh Johal
3. James McBain v. Justin Astley
4. David Morris v. Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon
5. Igor Figueiredo v. Paul Davies
6. Liu Chuang v. Zhang Anda

2pm (UK time)
7. David Gilbert v. Jak Jones
8. Michael Judge v. Reanne Evans
9. Michael Whte v. Adam Wicheard
10. Jimmy Michie v. Kurt Maflin
11. Kyren Wilson v. Jamie O'Neill

6pm (UK time)
12. Ben Woollaston v. Liu Song
13. Paul Davison v. Dermot McGlinchey
14. Xiao Guodong v. Issara Kachaiwong
15. James Wattana v. Simon Bedford
16. Matthew Couch v. Noppon Saengkham

See you tomorrow boys and girls for the first day’s comments! :-)