Welsh Open 2011 (the qualifying rounds) - Day 2

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Liu Chuang in action
Sheffield, probably the most suitable place to receive the name of "Snooker’s city" reached the second day of the Welsh Open qualifiers as 16 players made it to Round three, where a another battle awaits them :-P

Yesterday was filled with surprises here and there, one of them being the fact that the strategist Dave Harold seems to be back in business as he ended on a very tight result the match played against Kuldesh Johal 4-3. A very good start for The Stoke Potter. :-) Just a few moments after this victory, came the one of the Chinese Liu Chuang who defeated the Scot Anthony McGill by the same scoreline, today the little guy having to fight Dominic Dale (this should be interesting to watch).

Whirlwinding the day away
The 19 years-old player from Cheltenham, Jack Lisowski hammered Liam Highfield 4-1, Andy Hicks did the same with Brazil’s golden boy Igor Figueiredo, as well as Alfie Burden who moved pass Kurt Maflin.
"The Whirlwind" had a very prolific start as he beat James McBain (the player that crashed Justin Astley the day before) by a terrific 4-0 scoreline, result that was also cashed by Paul Davison in the match against Stuart Pettman, as well as the Thai Noppon Saengkham who whitewashed Adrian Gunnell. These Asian boys are on fire! :-))

Here are day’s 2 final results:
Jack Lisowski 4 - 1 Liam Highfield
Dave Harold 4 - 3 Kuldesh Johal
Jimmy White 4 - 0 James McBain
Bjorn Haneveer 1 - 4 David Morris
Andy Hicks 4 - 1 Igor Figueiredo
Anthony McGill 3 - 4 Liu Chuang
Rod Lawler 4 - 2 Jak Jones
Joe Jogia 4 - 3 Michael Judge
Jamie Jones 4 - 2 Michael White
Alfie Burden 4 - 1 Kurt Maflin
Matthew Selt 4 - 3 Jamie O'Neill
Ian McCulloch 4 - 2 Ben Woollaston
Stuart Pettman 0 - 4 Paul Davison
Patrick Wallace 3 - 4 Xiao Guodong
Jimmy Robertson 4 - 2 Simon Bedford
Adrian Gunnell 0 - 4 Noppon Saengkham

Today’s matches are:

10 am (UK time)
33. Fergal O'Brien v. Jack Lisowski
34. Mike Dunn v. Dave Harold
35. Robert Milkins v. Jimmy White
36. Anthony Hamilton v. David Morris
37. Barry Pinches v. Andy Hicks
38. Dominic Dale v. Liu Chuang

2 pm (UK time)
39. Mark Joyce v. Rod Lawler
40. Steve Davis v. Joe Jogia
41. Joe Swail v. Jamie Jones
42. Rory McLeod v. Alfie Burden
43. Tony Drago v. Matthew Selt

6 pm (UK time)
44. Alan McManus v. Ian McCulloch
45. Peter Lines v. Paul Davison
46. Michael Holt v. Xiao Guodong
47. Jamie Burnett v. Jimmy Robertson
48. Nigel Bond v. Noppon Saengkham

I wish the lads the best of luck and we shall see each other tomorrow for some thoughts about the third day of the competition :-)