Welsh Open finds new sponsor

16:01:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Big news if you are in all this sponsoring thing and you like to be in touch with any information that regards snooker: the mighty Welsh Open competition will be sponsored by Wyldecrest Park Homes (WPH). Who are these guys? Well, only "one of the largest Mobile Home Park operators in the South East of England, priding itself on having high quality parks and giving all their residents a peaceful and stress free life", according to their website. ;-)

I must mention also that this is not the first time that WPH gets in touch or involved in sponsoring a snooker event, as they also sponsored the “World Seniors Championship" which took place in the lovely city of Bradford during 5-7 November 2010. I recall you that this first edition of the World Seniors Championship was a total blast and at the end everybody was delighted with the event.

The Welsh Open is, unlike the World Seniors Championship, a ranking event with a very great tradition in the UK, so to set up a sponsor is not an easy task, only the best being taken under account.

Mr. Barry Hearn, the World Snooker chairman, said: "Wyldecrest sponsored the World Seniors Championship last November and we are thrilled that they deemed that event such a success that they have decided to sign up for the Welsh Open. We've just secured a new three-year broadcast agreement with the BBC which includes the Welsh Open, so with a new title sponsor as well, the tournament has a fresh lease of life. This is another step forward as we usher in a great era for snooker."
To this, David Sunderland, Estates Director for Wyldecrest Parks Ltd, added the following: "Following the overwhelming success of the Wyldecrest Park Homes World Seniors Championship in Bradford last November, Wyldecrest Park Homes are proud to be associated with World Snooker, particularly with the Welsh Open, in a country so rich in snooker heritage."

With the ongoing qualifying rounds and with a brand new powerful sponsor on board, Welsh Open awaits you patiently in the town of Newport, Wales during 14-20 February. To buy tickets click here.