China Open 2011 - Day 3 (part I)

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Judd Trump makes a wonderful debut in China
A great way to start the day, as the first four matches were pure snooker shows! The Captain Carter seems to be hitting the balls again, Judd Trump succeeded in defeating the powerful Cue-Man Fu, Peter Ebdon ended on a quite quick note his dispute with Gerard Greene, while John Higgins and Nigel Bond saved the best for last.

The Captain Ali Carter flew all the way to the Last 16, after defeating Stuart Bingham 5-1. Although Stuart won the opening frame with a nice and steady 76 break, all the remaining ones were cashed by the Essex-man, who hit in runs of 88, 53, 42 and 45 to set a snooker "date" with the Scot Marcus Campbell.

Next in line, Marco Fu and Judd Trump, two full of hope youngsters, ended their battle on a 5-3 scoreline, in favor of the Juddernaut, as Dave Hendon calls him :-)

John Higgins reaches the Last 16
Things didn’t seem to go the right way for Fu from the first frame, a missed black of its spot interrupting the Hong-Kong resident’s break at just 61. Judd came to clear the table and took the frame just by one point, 62. However, Marco seemed to be putting himself together as he won the next two frames with breaks of 55 and 57, but Trump was going to hit again and hit haaaaard! :-)) Runs of 80, 46 and 40 were setting the scoreline at 4-2 in his favor, the EPTC 1 winner being now just one step away from victory.
But Fu decided to prolong the suspense and won the 7th frame, with a top break of 61 and nearly took the next one! He hit a 59, but unfortunately for him, Trump took the black with a 19 and and 47 to secure himself a place into the Last 16.

A very fast match, considering the fact that Ebdon was playing, was the one between him and Gerard Greene. The boys shared frames, not making too much of an impact on high breaks and stuff like that, but still their game was very well played. As the score reached 3-2 in favor of Ebbo, Greene’s run was condemned to be ended, as the following frames were going to be taken by Peter. Breaks of 66 and 54 were sufficient enough as to win him the match and send him to another snooker encounter, this time with the current world champion, Neil Robertson. This won’t be an easy one!

Unlucky day for Nigel Bond
The last match to end the first snooker session of the day was the battle between John Higgins and Nigel Bond and by all means it was one thrilling match!
It all seemed to be going according to plan for Higgins, as he took the opening frame, but Bond responded in the best possible way: by winning the next two frames with a top break of 138. Amazing performance! More since this is the highest break of this tournament (so far!).
However, Higgins was going to enter the mid-session interval by leveling at 2-2, although after this break, Bond cashed another frame to prove he means serious business with the Scotsman.
At 3-2, John needed to draw but also to start potting more of those balls and that’s what he did. He hit in runs of 47 and 43 as to go 4-3 in front, but the boys saved the best for last.

The 8th frame was the most thrilling one! John was stopping his break as 41 as was losing position, Nigel hit a 31 break, due to missing a red, so the Scotsman was given a chance to take the match. However, he only hit a 31, making the score go 72-31 and leaving Nigel in need of two snookers. So the battle began! The boys started snookering each other, until Bond landed a wonderful one that granted him a free ball. Unfortunately for him, he had to clear the table, but he couldn’t do it. More snookers were in order, until, in the end, the match ended on the blue ball, that John potted it. Top class snooker from both players!

The day continues with:

From 12:30 (UK time)
Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Ryan Day
Mark Selby v. Tian Pengfei
Jamie Cope v. Robert Milkins
Ricky Walden v. Martin Gould

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