China Open without Jimmy White

16:44:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

The man we’ve been waiting for to see on our telly, the man who succeeded to qualify for the 2011 China Open, the one and only Whirlwind of snooker Jimmy White, had to pull out of the Chinese tournament due to some "visa problems", says World Snooker.

It’s going to be such a poor tournament without him as his style of playing snooker and his recent victories in the PTC/EPTC series and other competitions were moments that have made us proud of our champion. I’m sure he is gutted until the bones with this and I really don’t understand how can we have this type of problems nowadays?
Unfortunately nothing could be done, so his opponent, the wildcard Tian Pengfei gets a bye for the next round.

I don’t know what’s worst: to see Jimmy White doesn’t` qualify for an event, or to see him qualify and then be forced to withdraw? Cruel, cruel life! :-(