Chinalife Xingpai Hainan Classic 2011 - preview

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Dennis and his enormous goggles :-P
Snooker is really busy these days. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Sheffield, or the paradisiacal Hainan Island from China - snooker is busy, busy, busy :-)) But regardless of all that snooker has a special treat for you as for the next four days you shall be able too see most of your favorite players on the telly.

From Sheffield we turn our heads towards China, a country that’s crazy about snooker and with whom put together an invitation tournament called "Chinalife Xingpai Hainan Classic". The competition will run from March 10th until March 13th and it will features the best snooker players in the land of snooker, some local wildcards and one very special guest - Dennis Taylor. Considering that Dennis won some competitions in China in the `80s, the organisation team thought it will be a symbolic gesture to bring Taylor back to the hungry Chinese audience :-)

So, what you have to know is that first of all we have four groups of players, these groups playing under the rule of "best of three" in the round robin stage.  As the tournament evolves, I shall keep up posted on the other rules that apply.

A trip to Hainan? Someone? :-))

Group A : John Higgins, Peter Ebdon, Stephen Hendry, Li Yan
Group B : Neil Robertson, Jamie Cope, Cao Yupeng, Jin Long
Group C : Shaun Murphy, Ali Carter, Dennis Taylor, Tian Pengfei
Group D : Ding Junhui, Graeme Dott, Ricky Walden, Yu Delu

"Chinalife Xingpai Hainan Classic" will be covered by EuroSport and today is the first day on duty, so let’s see who are we going to see playing:

From 6am (UK time) British EuroSport 2
John Higgins v. Peter Ebdon
Ali Carter v. Dennis Taylor
Neil Robertson v. Cao Yupeng

From 11am (UK time) British EuroSport 2
Ding Junhui v. Graeme Dott
Shaun Murphy v. Tian Pengfei
Neil Robertson v. Jamie Cope

Taking into account that the hour is a real killer for many of us, please keep an eye on this blog through the day as I will try to keep you posted on the players performances ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yes! All the Chinese players that e never get to watch play!!! This is brillient, but, where is the website about this? I only found out due to a sports website where you can watch sport online. Also, where is the resuts? Ahhhhhh

Hello there!
If you click on the "British EuroSport 2" (just aside where the programme is) it will take you in a page where you can see all the main sport competitions. Choose from the list "World Snooker" and then you can see the Chinese tournament.

Regarding the results, I had some problems with my internet connection, so the page will be updated as soon as possible, today.

Thank you :-)