Chinalife Xingpai Hainan Classic 2011 - Cope sets the final with Higgins

22:51:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Jamie Cope reaches the final to meet the current No.1, J. Higgins
I wasn’t too happy to see that EuroSport didn’t cover the second semi-final, at least not LIVE, but what can one do in this cases? Unfortunately there are another sports beside snooker...I know it’s weird! :-))
So, we had Jamie Cope at one side, a player that had such a tremendous run through the group stage and Graeme Dott, another player with a very good performance during the same stage. This should have been such a thrilling match with tight score, but what do you know? It wasn’t!

Jamie was the one who stunned us during the first frame, as a little tiny mistake from Dott, gave Cope’s the chance to hit a marvelous 142 (the highest break so far) and take the opening frame; and the next three for that matter, as the Englishman was setting the score at 4-0 in his favor.
Graeme was overwhelmed and missed a lot of balls, but he succeeded in cashing at least one frame, the 5th one, with a break of 63. However Dott didn’t play at his best, so it was no surprise to see Cope winning the next frame and the match at the same time, just after Dott was very unfortunately as to stop his break at just 23 points, due to the fact that he lost position.

Dott didn`t have a good day in snooker
So we won’t have an all Scottish final, but we are sure going to have one hell of a final, because Cope has proved during these last past days that he is a very dangerous opponent and that he will never stop until he will reach the victory.

Unfortunately, until this moment I don’t have the complete list of breaks made by both players, so that’s way this article has been so poor in details, but the main thing here is that the big, big final will be given between John Higgins and Jamie Cope.

So see you tomorrow at the same hour, meaning at 6am for the first part of the final and at 11am for the last part of it. The main rule is "the best of 13" so best of luck to both players and let the best man win! :-)