PTC Grand Finals 2011 - Martin Gould, the second name for the final

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Martin Gould sets the final with Shaun Murphy
Mark "The Jester from Leicester” Selby was defeated by Martin "Gouldie" Gould in a semi-final that saw all its seven frames being played. A real cracker that didn’t let us know the winner until the end, as it kept it all for itself. :-P

After Selby opened the first frame by missing to pot a long red, Gould came to the table for a series of 23 and 57 in order to put his nose in front and he was most likely to take the next one as well, but he stopped at 26, his opponent’s break of 60 meaning the score was now 1-1.
The third frame saw its debut as the safety shots were kicking in, but soon Gould was among the balls. Unfortunately for him, he had a major kick and only scored 35 points, this leaving Mark with a chance to take the lead. Still, "The Jester" only succeeded in cashing a 26 break, Martin coming back for a 32 to be in the leading position once more.

During the next frame Martin had a huge opportunity to make the score 3-1, after Mark stopped at 59 just after he missed in potting a red to the right middle pocket, but unfortunately he failed to pot the black and so the frame was won by Selby (2-2).
Determined to win the match, Gould started potting one ball after another, hitting a 69 break. Still, this wasn’t enough to win him the frame, Mark taking plenty advantage of this and hitting in runs of 16 and 32 to lead for the first time since the beginning of the match. The score was now 3-2.

"This is not good...", thinks Selby
A break of 44 seemed to bring Selby the victory, but Gould hit in runs of 43 and 23 to force the match into a decider, decider that he took with a bit of help from a 21, a 32 and a 22. For the first time in the final of a televised event, Martin Gould is over the moon. The declared that he has serious intentions of winning this and he sure proved us well, these last matches.

One more step, one more bridge to cross, as the final kicks off tonight at 19:30 (UK time) with Shaun Murphy and Martin Gould as the main actors.

Best of luck to both lads, as they come a long way, and see you tomorrow for some comments. :-)