PTC Grand Finals 2011 - preview

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When the snooker revolution started a year ago, when Barry Hearn took over World Snooker, we were all totally stunned about how many new tournaments were being established. I remember that when I saw the PTC/EPTC series programme, I though "That’s going to be such a loooong period of time!" Well it was, but it was also a terrific opportunity for the boys of snooker to earn so money, some valuable ranking points and at the moment, for those who did their best during this period, here comes the Grand Finals.

Due to take place in Dublin, the capital of the beautiful Ireland between 16-20th of Match, the PartyCasino.comPTC Grand Finals is a true statement that Barry Hearn’s new way of approaching snooker works. Maybe not every snooker player has received his "new game order" with his arms open wide, but in time, when the results were showing up to be positive, when reaching into the Top 16 didn’t look like such a long way, when more snooker was brought to them...well, then they’ve finally understood this is a very different way of managing snooker, but also a good one. 

Hearn and Steve Davis, back when snooker rulled the world
Sure, there’s still much work to be done, what happened until now was the breath of fresh air that snooker needed! Snooker back in Ireland after such a long time! And to have a PTC finals with only the best of the best, it’s extraordinary! I mean, just think about it: all 24 players worked very hard to play in every PTC/EPTC event and to do their best, and now as a reward, they receive yet another chance to cash some points and some money.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the players will cope with "the best of 7" rule applied for all stages of this tournament! This is quite a shock, so prepare yourselves to be surprised with the results! :-))
I dare in saying that this new rule will not be liked by the purist. I can almost hear some of them saying how these "frame cutting" customs is going to bring snooker on such a low standard. Well, I don’t now if that’s going to chance snooker for the better or the worse, but what I know is that snooker is been better lately and the majority of the players are happy with it. That should count the most ;-)

With no further introduction, I just want to state that EuroSport will not be coving the first day of this event, so "Grrrrrr!", but we still have the live scoring system and that’s something, right?
Here’s how the first day of the PTC Grand Finals looks like:

10.00 am - Marco Fu v. Michael Holt
NB 1.30 pm - Mark Davis v. Joe Jogia
NB 3.00 pm - Anthony Hamilton v. Tom Ford
7.00 pm - Matthew Stevens v. Gerard Greene
NB 8.30 pm - Ricky Walden v. Liang Wenbo

I’m sure that this tournament will bring the best out of snooker, so fingers crossed for all its participants and let’s get on with this marvelous snooker show! :-)