PTC Grand Finals 2011 - Shaun Murphy reaches the final

16:47:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Murphy pots his way through the grand final
Matthew Stevens suffered a total whitewash from his opponent, the Englishman Shaun Murphy who is now set for the big final, due to start tonight at 7.30pm (UK time).

It’s no surprise that after the victory against the mighty powerful Stephen Lee, Shaun Murphy’s confidence is back, that’s why he was the first to break the ice and win the opening frame, while playing Stevens. The second one came as a prize, under the form of an 80 break, while the next two were tenser.
Stevens started the third frame showing that he has what it’s needed to make a comeback, but he was very unlucky to miss a red with the spider while he was just collecting 12 points, Shaun coming to the table for a 63 brutally interrupted as "the Magician" missed frame ball. Matthew took his chances with a quite difficult red and missed in potting it, this permitting Shaun to return at the table and cash another frame.

It wasn`t a good day for the Welshman Stevens

During the forth frame Stevens` poor safety shot (the cue ball kissed a red in its way back) brought the 2005 world champion to the table, but Murphy wasn’t able to take the frame in one visit as he over screwed the cue ball and lost position at 54. A genuine battle of safety shots began, but the Welshman won it. Still, he needed all the remaining colors to win the frame and avoid being crashed by Murphy. Very unlucky, he missed the blue as he was reaching 44, the boys starting on snookering each other for the pink. At 59-44, in favor of the Smurf, Stevens gave up the fight as he missed a last snooker and so Shaun Murphy became the first name to reach the final.

The second semi-final will start a few minutes from now, at 15:00 (UK time) between Mark Selby and Martin Gould.