Snooker Championship League (group 7) - Lee puts his nose in front

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Stephen Lee...the man to be
Group 7 has finished its first day of matches and Stephen Lee gets the leader position, followed by Mark King, Marco Fu and Liang Wenbo. A day that saw many beautiful breaks, close encounters and it was a bit tense, since this is players` last chance to qualify for the Winners` Group stage.

Stephen Lee didn’t let us down, as he won all of this matches, stating with a 3-2 win over Marco Fu, continuing with a 3-1 scoreline against Matthew Stevens and ending his day with another tight result, this time with Mark King 3-2. "The Bulldog" Lee is targeting the champion’s sport, the Englishman reaching the final back in Group 6. Until now, he seems to be constant in winning one match after another, by the end of the first day, receiving three precious points.

As usual, there are three players that have to dispute no more than four matches in one day, this being the case of Mark King, Marco Fu and Liang Wenbo. And what do you know? All three of them won only two out of four, receiving only two points.
Mark King is the lead of this tiny group, because although he has two points in his pocket, he has won more frames than the other two (ten frames to be more precise, while Fu and Wenbo have only nine). King beat Liang Wenbo and Marco Fu 3-1, Marco Fu crashed Andrew Higginson and Martin Gould 3-0, while Liang Wenbo defeated Matthew Stevens 3-2 and whitewashed Andrew Higginson 3-0.

With only one lonely point are Matthew Stevens, Martin Gould and Andrew Higginson, with the specification that Stevens` won nine frames, while his other two colleagues have cashed only three.
We had some beautiful century breaks, the majority of them being hit by Marco Fu (102, 108, 112, 126), followed by Matthew Stevens (106, 108), Martin Gould (103) and Liang Wenbo (131).

Today’s going to be a very important day for at the end of it, we shall have the complete line-up for entering the Winners` Group stage, so best of luck to all the lads and here’s the schedule:

Table 1 (all times are approximate)
10.30am Stephen Lee v. Andrew Higginson
11.45am Liang Wenbo v. Marco Fu
Not before 1.30pm Matthew Stevens v. Marco Fu
2.45pm Mark King v. Martin Gould
Not before 5.30pm Play-off - first v. fourth
6.45pm Final

Table 2 (all times are approximate)
10.30am Matthew Stevens v. Martin Gould
11.45am Mark King v. Andrew Higginson
Not before 1.30pm Stephen Lee v. Martin Gould
2.45pm Matthew Stevens v. Andrew Higginson
4pm (TBC) Stephen Lee v. Liang Wenbo
5.30pm Play-off - second v. third
*all hours are UK time

All matches can be followed on-line, by selecting the snooker competition from the list. :-)