World Championship qualifiers 2011 - Day 3

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Great start for the youngster Kyren
March 5th and things are getting hotter and hotter as the matches are becoming tighter and the century breaks are making themselves known by the large public. I don’t know why but I just adore the World Championship qualifiers! It’s such a great competition and it has always seemed that every player gives it 100%...and it’s only normal! I mean, we are talking about such a high prize at stake here - a place in the most important and famous tournaments in the snooker industry ;-)

Just 19 years old but with a great ambition to make it through to the next round, Kyren Wilson defeated Dermot McGlinchey 10-5. It was such a superb start for the OnQ Promotion`s boy who will now face Joe Swail, another great player who made the whole world turn its head at his German Master’s performance. Kyren`s match against Dermot started tight as hell as they ended their first session on a 5-4 scoreline, in favor of the first, but from 7pm (UK time) Kyren took his chances as to win one frame at a time and set the final score at 10-5 closing with a marvelous 102! Pure class!
China can be soo proud of Liu Song’s performance as the little Chinese was being lead 6-3 by the end of the first session, but he recovered in such a brilliant way as to win his encounter with Michael Judge with a 10-8 scoreline.

Wattana`s happy with his first victory
You know what time is? Time to see what the Thai gang has been up to: the targeted players - James Wattana, the one and only Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon and Issara Kachaiwong! :-)) 

James was on really on fire! He lead Justin Astley 6-3 after the first session and didn’t let him win anything during the last one, closing the deal at 10-3. That man deserves a place in the main tournament! Really, he has played so beautifully lately and we all know what he is capable of, so bring it on Thai-guy, let’s see you win some more matches and get "televised" for that :-)) Oh, and he hit the highest break (so far) - an amazing 141.
His countryman, "Double T" was to face a very determined player, Sam Baird and if you’ve kept an eye on the first matches you already know that Sam has cashed one victory after another. After ending on a very tight 5-4 scoreline the first session of the day, Bairn went straight in attacking his opponent, hit a beautiful 133 along the way and won the battle 10-8.

But one of the most interesting encounters of the day was yet to be seen, for Issara Kachaiwong was taking on James McBain in was one hell of a match! :-))

Liu Song made a beautiful comeback
If the "morning" session was ended on a 5-4 result in favor of the Thai, the evening one was cashed by James...and guess what? This time the situation was brought up side down - 10-9. The boys shared frames all the way through and that proved the high standard of the match.
Still in the foreign sector (at least partially), the Brazilian star Igor Figueiredo had to face Joe Delaney and although they ended up on a 5-4 scoreline after their first meeting, Joe put his "snooker dancing shoes" later on that day and let Igor win just one single frame during the last session, while he was rocking around that snooker table as to set the final score at 10-5.

Along these five matches, four more were disputed but only one session was completed, the results being:
Liu Chuang 7-2 David Gray
David Morris 5-4 David Gilbert
Paul Davison 6-3 Stephen Rowlings
Patrick Wallace 7-2 Del Smith

So today’s schedule will see these four matches being finished (starting from 2:30pm), as well as these ones:

From 10:00pm (for the first session) and from 7pm (for the last session)
Michael White v. Adam Wicheard
Liam Highfield v. Kuldesh Johal
Simon Bedford v. Noppon Saengkham
Ben Woollaston v. Jamie O'Neill
Andrew Pagett v. Zhang Anda
Xiao Guodong v. Kurt Maflin
*all hours are UK time

I wish the boys best of luck, as for you please don’t forget to click here and follow their evolution in the competition ;-)