John Higgins captures the Scottish Professional Championship title

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John Higgins wins the Scottish Professional Championship
What is a player to do just a few days before THE big event? Practice, try to keep it cool or maybe even win another title? Let’s say the fifth one this season? Well, yes! That’s what John Higgins did, as he won 6-1 the final played against the young but wise Anthony McGill.

Reviving the Scottish Professional Championship and making it happen a few days before the World Championship kicks off was indeed a very good idea, for the Scotsmen were able to face each other in a different environment and maybe caught up with the latest news days before entering the big Crucible arena. Having a cup of tea with your mates, playing some snooker, winning some money, winning another title, building up your confidence...all these were in order at Lucky Break, in Clydebank.

The event started on May 11th with three qualifying rounds. For Richy McDonald, Mark Boyle and Paul McPhillips the dream of playing next to the big names that represent Scotland became a reality, but sadly none of the boys succeeded in winning over their opponents. And so, in the preliminary rounds, Richy McDonald lost in front of Anthony McGill 5-1, Mark Boyle experienced the same defeat in front of Alan McManus, while Paul McPhillips was beaten by Jamie Brunett 5-3.
But the biggest surprise was coming from James McBain, the Scot winning 5-3 over his fellow-country, Marcus Campbell.

The quarter-finals were ready to start and the heavy names were no longer a secret, as John Higgins, Stephen Hendry, Stephen Maguire and Graeme Dott were the ones to take their chances in front of the freshly qualified players.
Higgins seemed not to have any problems in hammering Jamie Burnett by 5-1, Hendry made a very good start as he beat Alan McManus 5-2, Dott defeated James McBain by the same scoreline, while McGill was sending home Stephen Maguire 5-3. The youngster was giving clear signs that he means serious business.
The semi-finals saw Higgins whitewashing Hendry 5-0, while McGill continued his good run and cashed one more victory, 5-3 in front of Graeme Dott.

Anthony McGill, the runner-up
All these being said, the final was waiting for its champion, with "the best of 11" rule at hand" and what do you know? It didn’t have to wait that long, for "The Wizard of Wishaw" stormed in as to win one frame after another, leaving his opponent with the chance to cash just one lonely frame. It was a clear victory for Higgins and the final score of 6-1 it’s a genuine statement for that.

This is Higgins` fifth title this season, after winning the EPTC 5 event, the 2010UK Championship, the 2011Welsh Open and the 2011 Hainan Classic. What more can you ask from this man? The World Championship? Maybe, but that’s a difficult task, even for the most experienced players.
On the other hand, Anthony McGill’s performance was a great one and to erase names like Maguire and Dott it’s not something you see every day. This youngster has a bright future in snooker if he keeps on improving his game, there’s no doubt in that as the results speak for themselves.

So this was the last stop before the mighty Crucible that’s just around the corner. One more victory for the road for Higgins and here we go with that tremendous list of wonderful players to attack this year’s world title! :-)