To be or ... not to be Ronnie O`Sullivan

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Ronnie needs to improve his form
Being successful is not an easy task. Not even for those who seem to be genuine stars by definition. Ronnie O`Sullivan is one of them as the snooker player and three-time world champion has been struggling to get back in that winning form for some time now.

It was all nice and shiny when he succeeded to get in the final against Neil Robertson at the World Open, back in September and the fans were overwhelmed with excitement when he won the Power Snooker’s first edition and another "round" of Premier Snooker League. But somehow, along the way, things started to get worse for the "Rocket" , frustration has kicked in and nothing was the same.

Today, The Daily Mail revealed something that most of the snooker fans were terrified to heard about, that Ronnie considered to withdraw from yet another tournament...and not any kind of tournament but the World Championship. Still, not to worry, as this hasn’t happened!!!
According to Daily Mail, O`Sullivan phoned World Snooker last week and announced that he wants to pull out of the tournament
"Last week I put in a verbal withdrawal to World Snooker and told them I wasn't going to play in Sheffield. That's when it really hit me that this could be it, for five or 10 minutes my heart was pounding.”, said "The Rocket"

The World Snooker boys gave him the weekend to reconsider his position and the day after Sunday they called him back in order to "talk him back into it". Apparently their plan has worked, as Ronnie hasn’t given any sign of "I’m out of here".
But the surprises continue as the player has agreed to see a specialist, Dr. Steve Peters, the "cycling’s psychiatrist".
For those of you that aren’t too familiar with his name, I must add that this guy is the one who had a major role in bringing the UK those eight golden medals at cycling, at the Beijing Olympics, three years ago.

Once a champion, always a champion
Ronnie O`Sullivan declared for the same publication the following ones:
"He has a very good reputation. I'll be honest with him, I'm not sure what he can do to help me - but there is that small chance that he can. My problem is not that I can't get over the winning line, or that I don't believe I am good enough. I can win and I know if I'm playing well I beat all bar a couple."

Although the news has been published, let’s face it in a tabloid, I can’t overlook the fact that (the managing company that looks after many snooker players, like O`Sullivan) has set an article on their own web-site about this subject. So more or less, it must be true.

Now regardless of the fact that Ronnie wanted to pull out of the World Championship, or that he wants to go through therapy, this problem isn’t something new. We all know that O`Sullivan has been going through a bad time, that he is very frustrated about his way of playing, about some personal matters and who knows about how many.
There are people who suggest it is only fair to quit the game as long as one is still covered in glory and since Ronnie has withdrew from many competitions due to spending time with his family, maybe this would be the right thing to do. Still, we can’t decide for the man! He still finds pleasure in playing snooker, maybe not as much as he used to, but he does, he is still trying to make an impact on snooker (see the latest programme that he and Riley’s have put together for youngsters who want to make it in snooker) and he is still having second thoughts about quitting the game that has made him famous all around the world.

It’s a true blessing to see him playing at his best, but to see him losing his temper, sitting there in his chair all frustrated and disregarding the match, is the worst punishment that a snooker fan can be part of.
I don’t think he likes the current situation and I truly believe that in his own twisted mind he wants to make it better next time, but somehow that doesn’t happen.

O`Sullivan must pick a side...
Many people consider him a genius of snooker and I can’t agree more on that, but I must add something more to that word...tormented. Yes, this thing that comes with geniality, those inside little "demons" that make you have a good season or the worst ever, those are the ones to blame. No one said that being a genius is something that brings you only happiness. Sometimes because you want to do it better, because you need to do it better, because you have to do it better, you end up doing it all wrong.

One must never be afraid of starting from zero, not even when chances aren’t so bright and that is what O`Sulloivan must do. More since he wouldn’t be starting from zero. He has a powerful career and like John Higgins said after his ban period was over, the fact that one is on top of the world, can’t change over night.
So maybe by working at that auto-destructive attitude, that each of us seem to be having from time to time, O`Sullivan can make that spectacular comeback.
Wouldn’t it be great to see him saying after the World Championship will be over that he was a fool to even have considered pulling out of this tournament?

The Crucible is a dream that many players still dream about, but it has such a tremendous power and effect on the players, that anything can happen. So if seeing Ronnie O`Sullivan making a great start and keep up that throughout the tournament seems like a dream....well, maybe dreams can come true! ;-)


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