World Championship 2011 - Day 10 - Higgins ends slow McLeod`s run

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John Higgins secures a place into the next round
The longest battle that the Crucible has seen this year so far was given between John Higgins and Rory McLeod, the Scotsman succeeding after a tremendous effort to end slow McLeod’s run with a 13-7 scoreline.

After Rory McLeod defeated Ricky Walden in a match that didn’t seem to be ending this year, another match was following the same pattern. Still, the fact that the mighty John Higgins was now part of the equation should have changed things, right? Well, if Higgins would have been playing at his beat, yes....but he wasn’t in a glorious form, with all do respect, so the match against McLeod was more a battle of strong nerves and patience, rather than a battle of cues.

The man that makes slow go slower - Rory McLeod
The last session started from a 10-5 score, in favor of the Scotsman, and runs of 51 and 72 were bringing him the opening two frames. He was now with one foot and four toes in the quarter-finals, but Rory decided it is for the best to try his luck and cashed the following two frames to reduce the gap at 7-12.
The last frame was going to be a very tense one as Higgins won it just by being five points ahead of McLeod (64-59), but the match was over, thank God!
With a final result of 13-7, Higgins will face an "old" opponent of his, Ronnie O`Sullivan. It will be interesting to see if he can cope with speed, after all that "slowliness" .