World Championship 2011 - Day 10 - Rocket Ronnie too fast for Magician Murphy

11:45:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Ronnie is cool with the situation, he knows he`ll win the match
"The black sheep" of snooker, the "Prodigal Son" of snooker, is back in business, Ronnie O`Sullivan defeating Shaun Murphy in a match that even if it didn’t have the fireworks required when two great names clash, it ended on a 13-10 scoreline and kept us glued to the television’s screen until the end.

As the third and last session was starting, O`Sullivan was in the lead 9-7 but that partial scoreline was soon about to change as he hit a top break of 128 points to make it 11-7. Murphy had to do something and quick, but he only managed to pull one back as to go three points behind his old time rival.

As much as Shaun tried, he couldn`t defeat Ronnie
Another century break was going to be made by Ronnie, this time a beautiful 119 and now the victory was something he could almost touch, 12-8.
Still, Murphy was going to put up a fight and he succeeded in winning two more frames until de inevitable happened. The last frame saw "The Magician" ending his break on 56 due to missing a red, this time Rocket Ronnie clearing the table with a 71 collection of points for a 13-10 final result and a place into the quarter-finals. Top class snooker by "The Rocket"!