World Championship 2011 - Day 10 - Selby defeats the Crucible King

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Selby is through the quarter-finals
Mark Selby didn’t prolong too much the suspense and finished the match he played against Stephen Hendry minutes after it started, ending the Scotsman misery with as 13-4 scoreline.

Selby v. Hendry match had an amazing start, both player hitting a century break in the opening frames, but very soon after that happened it was becoming clear who will dominate this encounter. "The Jester from Leicester" ended the first session on 7-1 lead and the second one by being just one step away from victory, on 12-4.

The second session saw a more powerful Hendry, the seven-time world champion trying to win himself some frames, but unfortunately he only succeeded in cashing three of them. In the last session, Selby hit a 81 break as to win him the 13th frame for securing a place into the quarter-finals. With six century breaks in only one match and with a wonderful cueing action, he’ll meet Ding Junhui for a battle of snooker.

Hendry`s not the same player, but he`s the same champ
After the match was over, Hendry declared that he’s seriously considering retiring from professional snooker because he’s not as confident as before when it comes to winning and he doesn’t enjoy playing snooker like he once did. Over the summer, that was the term he gave us in order to make a decision, because it’s not something very easy to do.
Hopefully he will decide not to quit on Steve Davis said on Twitter" Whatever you do...don’t retire!" :-)