World Championship 2011 - Day 11 - Williams and Trump take the lead

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Williams takes control of the game
As the quarter-finals are being played, the Welshman Mark Williams succeeded in taking the lead over Mark Allen 11-5 (after two sessions), while the same has happened for Judd Trump who’s leading the Scotsman Graeme Dott 11-5.
John Higgins and Ronnie O`Sullivan ended their first session on a tight result 4-4, while Ding Junhui is leading Mark Selby 5-3 after their first snooker encounter.

The first session disputed between Mark Williams and Mark Allen was a good opportunity to see who has to say more in this match and it was pretty clear that the "Welsh Potting Machine" has had a lot on his mind. He ended the first session with a 5-3 advantage over the North-Ireland’s man, while the second one was finished 11-5.

Although Allen seemed to be the one who was going to take the first frame of the match, him hitting a 66 break and Williams needing a snooker, the Welshman succeeded in obtaining that snooker to draw at 66-66 and due to a re-spotted black he was the one to break the ice.

Mark Allen
A tricky red missed by Allen was giving Williams a 73 break opportunity and the second frame but the next one was going to be (finally!) cashed by Allen with a break of 78.

The mid-session interval found Williams in the lead 3-1, due to making a beautiful 125 and after the break the Welshman was going to win two more due to hitting in runs of 78 and 86.
However Allen’s 100 and 102 breaks were enough to win him two frames as the first session was coming to an end. He was now 3-5 behind Williams.

"The Welsh Potting Machine" extended his advantage to 6-3 as the second session was in order by making an 80 break, but this time Allen replayed by taking the next frame under his belt. Two consecutive frames were making the scoreline to go in Williams` favor 8-4, until his opponent succeeded to take one more .... and the last one of that session.
The night was ended with breaks of 104 and 113, breaks that secured Williams an 11-5 lead over Allen.

The unstoppable Judd Trump
Another match that consumed his first two sessions was the one given between Judd Trump and Graeme Dott, by the end of it, the Bristol-boy leading 11-5.

The first session saw Trump taking the first three frames, before Dott had the chance to win himself a single one and unfortunately that was going to be his only opportunity in that session. Breaks of 64, 58 and 55 and Trump was leading the Scotsman 7-1 as the first session was through.

Minutes after the second one started, the youngster cashed two more frames as to go 9-1 up by hitting in runs of 50 and 104, only to see Dott pulling one back. Still, Trump proved to be a tougher opponent and by using a break of 79 he extended his dominancy at 11-2.
A great effort from Dott`s part as the Scotsman put quite a fight in the next minutes to win three consecutive frames with breaks of 72, 120 and 122 in order to reduce the gap at just six frames, 11-5.

Can Graeme Dott make a full comeback?
That 120 break was a 147 attempt, but unfortunately for Dott a horrible kick left him short on the yellow and he missed it. However it was a very nice touch to see Williams and Allen stop their match to watch their colleague trying to make a maximum. :-)

John Higgins and Ronnie O`Sullivan ended their first session on a 4-4 result, the Scotsman taking over the first two frames with runs of 53 and 66 and Ronnie responding by hitting a 69 and a 51 to draw at 2-2. Another series of two frames were going to be won by Higgins after the 15 minute break was over with a top break of 121, while O`Sullivan was taking the next two with 89 and 105.

Ding Junhui proves he deserves to be in the QF
Ding Junhui seemed to be having more confidence in his playing style after the victory he had two days ago taking the lead over Mark Selby 5-3 after a first session where the little Chinese clearly dominated.

The first part of the session found Ding leading 3-1, due to hitting in breaks of 58, 53, 63 and 65, Selby succeeding in only making a 124 at the beginning of the match. The fifth frame was also going to be cashed by Ding, while Selby took the following one with a set of 51 and 57 as to reduce the gap at 2-4.
A break of 77 was bringing the Chinese Sensation one more frame, but Selby succeeded in responding with a 74 as to set the partial scoreline at 3-5 in Ding’s favor.

Day 12 of the World Championship will bring the names of the semi-finalists:

10:00 (UK time)
QF2. Mark Selby v. Ding Junhui
QF3. Mark Williams v. Mark Allen*

14:30 (UK time)
QF1. Judd Trump v. Graeme Dott*
QF4. Ronnie O'Sullivan v. John Higgins

19:00 (UK time)
QF2. Mark Selby v. Ding Junhui*
QF4. Ronnie O'Sullivan v. John Higgins*
* the last session

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