World Championship 2011 - Day 12 - Wizard Higgins takes down Rocket Ronnie

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Wizard Higgins takes down Rocket Ronnie
A genuine battle of snooker gladiators was given yesterday in the Crucible arena as John Higgins and Ronnie O`Sullivan were fighting for a place in the semi-finals, the Scotsman being the one who proved to be stronger and finished the match on a 13-10 scoreline.

Unlike other matches that have been played in the Crucible this year, the one between Higgins and O`Sullivan started as a very tight one, the first session being ended on a 4-4 result, continued in the same way, the second session being set on a 8-8 result, but ended (logically!) with the victory of only one of the players, John Higgins defeating Ronnie O`Sullivan 13-10.

Although the second session saw Higgins struggling to keep up with O`Sullivan good form of playing, the session ended on a tight 8-8 scoreline. O`Sullivan hit in runs of 82 and 77 as to go 7-4 up against Higgins, but the Scotsman succeeded in winning his first frame of the afternoon just before the interval, with a break of 61.
After the 15 minute break time, O`Sullivan was the one who extended his lead as to go 8-5, this marking the moment of "Wizard of Wishaw`s" comeback. He used breaks of 66 and 80 to set the second session’s scoreline on 8-8.

Unfortunately Rocket Ronnie exits the tournament
In the last session, Higgins seems a bit more sure of his playing style taking the lead 9-8 after cashing the first frame, only to see O`Sullivan level the match with a beautiful 116 break. Still, the following three frames were going to be won by the Scotsman with runs of 63, 65 and 73 to get closer to victory at 12-9.
One more try was going to be made by the mighty Ronnie, as he took the 22nd frame with a 94 break, but Higgins` 79, from the next one, was the break that put an end to the match.

John Higgins will face Mark Williams in the semis, a player that he defeated in the 2010 UK Championship final although the Welshman was leading him 9-6. Will the history repeat itself, or the Welsh Potting Machine will overcome the mighty Wizard of Wishaw? No matter what the result will be, we are in for quite a snooker treat :-)