World Championship 2011 - Day 13

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Juddy takes the lead
The first session of the semis is over and we already have our leading champions. It’s true that are subject to change because we’ve seen comebacks in snooker, but until this moment, Judd Trump is leading Ding Junhui 5-3, the same scoreline being practiced by Mark Williams over John Higgins.
And now let’s see what happened, shall we?

The little but powerful Chinese Sensation was the first to break the ice and hit a beautiful 102 break in order to take over the first frame of the session, but at the interval, Trump was leading 3-1. An outstanding response to Ding’s century break was Trump’s 110, the Bristol boy taking plenty advantage of the Chinese poor safety shots and potting some amazing balls to put his nose in front.

After the break Ding succeeded to pull one back by being only seven points ahead Judd (57-50), but the next one was going to be cashed by the Englishman with a break of 51. One more try for a complete comeback was made by Ding as he won the 7th frame, only to see stubborn Trump take the last one with a top break of 59 in order to set the partial scoreline at 5-3.
A long way to go, but Ding needs to pull back some frame, try and take control of the match if he wants to be considered for the big final. In Judd’s case, things are pretty simple; he just has to keep up what he’s been doing until now ;-)

The mighty Welshman is in business
The second semi-final is the one between the Welshman Mark Williams and the Scot John Higgins as we may have noticed and it seemed like that snooker table was a Welshman lover last night.
The one who opened the scoreline was Williams, but Higgins replayed with an amazing 135 to level the match at 1-1. However the next two frames were being cashed by Mark with a top break of 71 to go at the interval leading his Scottish opponent by three frames to one.

15 minutes later the boys were back in the arena and Higgins was ready to pull back some frames and start from “zero”. Runs of 36 and 120 were made in order to make the scoreline go 3-3, but Williams was the man of the day as he easily (because that’s how it looks when he’s out there playing) took the last two frames for a 5-3 lead.

Today the road to reach the final continues with two more sessions for Trump v. Ding and one more for Williams v. Higgins. It’s written in the starts, for believe I know how to read and interpret them that we shall witness a very interesting snooker today, so you better leave weddings and bells and keep an eye on snooker! :-))

10:00 (UK time)
SF1. Judd Trump v. Ding Junhui

14:30 (UK time)
SF2. Mark Williams v. John Higgins

19:00 (UK time)
SF1. Judd Trump v. Ding Junhui

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