World Championship 2011 - Day 2 - Murphy, Carter and Williams through to next round

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Shaun Murphy almost crashing Marcus Campbell
Three more players booked a place into the Last 16 round after yesterday’s matches, Shaun Murphy defeating the Scot Marcus Campbell 10-1, Ali Carter ending Dave Harold’s run with a 10-3 scoreline, while the Welsh battle between Mark Williams and Ryan Day saw the first one winning 10-5.
Additionally, Stephen Hendry and Joe Perry played their first session, session ended on a 6-3 result in favor of the seven-time world champion.

Shaun Murphy was about to write history, that’s what I was telling you the other day and blimey if he wasn’t close to do it. His opponent, Marcus Campbell was just one step away from being whitewashed, but managed to avoid it due to a 62 break that he made at the beginning of the second session.
Back on 1992 at the Crucible, John Parrott beat Eddie Charlton 10-0, this being the only whitewash in the history of the World Championship (played in Sheffield), but unfortunately for Murphy and happily for Campbell this didn’t happen. However, the match was won by "The Magician" whose 61 break hit in the next frame, ended the match on a 10-1 final result.

Stephen Hendry makes a good start
At a near table, Stephen Hendry and Joe Perry were starting their first session, a session that proved Hendry’s doing the best he can to retain that Top 16 spot that he has at the moment. Breaks of 39, 25 and 67 brought Perry frame one and three, while Hendry hit in runs of 56 and 50 to draw at 2-2 just before the mid-session interval kicked off.
After the 15 minutes break of tea and cookies or scones, or whatever the players drink and eat, Hendry hit a marvelous 133 as to go 3-2 in front, only to see his opponent win the next frame due to a missed blue that Stephen left near the left centre pocket. However from that moment on the proud of Scotland kept on going and on potting those snooker balls in order to take over the next three frames with breaks of 55, 33 and one more century break, a beautiful 117.

Ali Carter defeats Dave Harold
The evening found us with two more matches that needed to end their second session and Ali Carter v. Dave Harold was the first to be finished.
As the Captain Carter was leading 8-1, big Dave succeeded in winning two more frames before the inevitable happened and Carter won the match. Breaks of 40, 16 and 19 were the one responsible for what was starting to look like a difficult comeback from Harold’s part, while a series of 36, 24 and 50 were bringing Carter the final victory of 10-3. Can’t admire Harold persistence and effort. Glad to see players don’t give up even when chances of a full recovery are minimum. :-)

The Welsh Potting Machine in action
Last match to be finished was the Welshmen battle where Mark Williams and Ryan Day were the main figures. Their first session had Williams as favorite (6-3) and the second one was not going to be any different as "The Welsh Potting Machine" stormed in as to take over the first frame of the evening.
Still, Day didn’t give up so easily and won the following two frames with runs of 47 and 44 as to go just two points behind his opponent 5-7. But Williams was determined to win this and in all due honesty his game was a more fluent one, so he hit in breaks of 89, 90 and 66 to set the final score at 10-5 and book himself a place into the next round.

Day three of the 2011 World Championship has for us more matches, as you ca see below:

10:00 (UK time)
Ding Junhui v. Jamie Burnett*
Stephen Maguire v. Barry Hawkins

14:30 (UK time)
Stephen Hendry v. Joe Perry*
Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Dominic Dale

19:00 (UK time)
Peter Ebdon v. Stuart Bingham
Stephen Maguire v. Barry Hawkins*
* the second session

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