World Championship 2011 - Day 3

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Ding Dong and Burnett`s out
Ding Junhui the golden boy of China, finished his job in defeating the Scotsman Jamie Burnett with a final score of 10-2, while Stephen Hendry beat Joe Perry 10-9 after a breathtaking match that had it all: drama, excitement, big breaks, safety shots battles etc.
Stephen Maguire and Barry Hawkins started their first session of battle for a Last 16 place with the Englishman succeeding in ending it in his favor 6-3, while "The Rocket" O`Sullivan flew over Dominic Dale with a 7-2 partial result.

Ding Junhui didn’t have too many problems on his mind, as the little but powerful Chinese man was leading Jamie Burnett 8-1 after the first session and extended that lead by taking over the first frame of the last session.
However it was only normal to see Jamie trying his best to minimize as much as possible the scoreline difference so the Scot used a series 33 and 20 to win his second and last frame of this match, the next one being cashed by Ding with a marvelous 71 break.
With a final score of 10-2, Ding looks pretty good in the Last 16 where he’ll meet the winner of Peter Ebdon v. Stuart Bingham match.

Maguire`s not very happy with the first session
At the near table, another Scotsman, this time Stephen Maguire, was facing the Englishman Barry Hawkins for their first session.
With very decisive runs of 73, 72 and 40 Barry was entering the mid-session interval with his chin up as the score was 4-0 in his favor and Maguire didn’t give any signs of how dangerous he is. Still, after the mini-break the Scot hit a 41 as to win his first frame of the match, but Hawkins added the next one to his collection.

One more try from Maguire to start the needed comeback was put into practice with a set of 68 and 55 as to go 2-5 down against his opponent, but once more the gap was restored for Barry hit a 78. However just before the session was over, the 2011 Welsh Open runner-up succeeded in pulling one back to set the scoreline 3-6.

Hendry`s waiting for the ref to finish his job so he can play
Ended on a 6-3 partial result, the match between Stephen Hendry and Joe Perry was going to take a totally different turn during the last session.
Perry succeeded in leveling the encounter with the seven-time world champion at 6-6 by hitting in breaks of 62 and 39, after this moment the boys being just one frame away all the way through the end of the match.
A break of 68 was bringing Hendry back in front, while Perry’s 80 was erasing that difference, only to see the Scotsman put his nose in front after the following frame and his opponent leveling once more with a top break of 54.

One more try was made my Hendry to reach the victory pretty comfortable, but Perry wasn’t going to let him get away with it so easily and with a collection of 69 points he brought the match into a decider. Dramatic moments were coming our way as Hendry’s break of 41 wasn’t sufficient enough to see him through into the next round and Perry had all the chances in the world to take this final frame under his belt.

Great show from Perry but he was unlucky with that brown
But he missed the brown! Insane! He missed the brown on 33, Hendry coming to the table to take all the remaining colors and win the first round of the 2011 World Championship.
According to the odds he might just face Mark Selby in the next match, if the man from Leicester beats Jimmy Robertson.

Still, the attention of the public went towards a match that was happening "just around the corner", Ronnie O`Sullivan taking on Dominic Dale. And since "The Rocket" seemed to be back in a quite good form, more reason to follow his snooker show.
O`Sullivan won the first two frames with a top break of 78 (missed the blue in a 147 attempt), but Dale responded by taking over the next two with runs of 39 and 56.

O`Sullivan seems to be back in business
As the mini-break was over the boys returned to the table and from this moment on Dale’s misses were brutally punished by O`Sullivan who won all the remaining frames with breaks of 46, 96 (another attempt to make a maximum), 120 and 73 as to set the partial scoreline at 7-2.
It was really nice to see Ronnie back in business, giving more to the sport and receiving more from it (because that’s how it works) and to see him a bit angry because he didn’t succeeded in making those maximum breaks, means he still cares for snooker. "The Rocket" seemed to be back and hopefully he’s back for good. :-)