World Championship 2011 - Day 4 - Ebdonator defeated by Bingham

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Stuart Bingham defeats the 2002 world champion
Day four had one more name to send into the Last 16 and that name was Stuart Bingham the Essex-man defeating Peter Ebdon 10-8 after quite a battle of nerves. Also two more matches had their first session finished, Graeme Dott leading Mark King 6-3, while Mark Allen v. Matthew Stevens encounter ended on a tight result of 5-4.

Bingham was leading Ebdon 5-4 after their first session, but soon his dominancy was going to end as Peter practically stormed in (well, you his own slow way of storming in) and took over the first three frames of the second session by hitting in breaks of 45, 30, 23 and 26. Leading Stu, Ebbo felt more confident on his game, but the Essex-man succeeded in pulling one back just in time to prove that he is still there fighting.

Matt Stevens is in the lead
One more frame was going to be won by the 2002 world champion as he was now 8-6 up against Bingham, but unfortunately for him that was about it as Stuart’s breaks of 88 and 67 were leveling the match 8-8, and the following two frames were bringing him the victory that also means a place into the next round. He will meet there with Ding Junhui, a very dangerous opponent who has his eyes on the big prize for some time now. ;-)

At table number two, North-Ireland was facing Wales, the first country being represented by Mark Allen, while the second one by Matthew Stevens. As both players are tremendously good at playing their favorite sport in the world, the session ended on a quite expected result of 5-4 in favor of the Welshman.

Great start from Mark Allen
Stevens was the one who took the opening frame with a break of 52, a 99 was bringing Allen in the race for victory, until the mini-break kicked in the boys being all tight up at 2-2 after Stevens` 54 and Allen’s 91.
After the interval, the one who took the lead was Mark, but Matthew leveled right away, North-Ireland’s boy cashed one more frame as to go 4-3 up, but this time his opponent was going to won two frames on a row for a 5-4 lead.

A very interesting battle and a very high quality one was given between Graeme Dott and Mark King, the first named one leading the second 6-3 after the first session.

Graeme Dott puts quite a snooker show
If the first interval was all square the boys sharing frames for a 2-2 scoreline, the second one was totally different as Dott put himself together, took the bull by his horns and won one frame after another. To be more precise he won four! Four frames with breaks of 69, 38, 73 and 102 as to go 6-2 up against King. What a great start for the Scotsman and I dare in saying that with Campbell and Maguire out of the tournament it seems like, until now, he is the luckiest Scot alive of this World Championship.
Still, King is not to be underestimated, so just before the session was over he hit a series of 46 and 69 as to reduce the gap at only three points, 6-3.

Today, day 5 brings us more "snookerish matches" so keep an eye on the schedule here:

10:00 (UK time)
Marco Fu ( 6 ) v. ( 3 ) Martin Gould*
Ricky Walden ( 4 ) v. ( 4 ) Rory McLeod*

14:30 (UK time)
Graeme Dott ( 6 ) v. ( 3 )Mark King*
John Higgins v. Stephen Lee

19:00 (UK time)
Mark Selby v. Jimmy Robertson
Mark Allen ( 4 ) v. ( 5 ) Matthew Stevens*
* the second session

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