World Championship 2011 - Day 4 - Rocket flies over Spaceman

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"Hehehe, won myself the match here!"
The Crucible was packed with spectators that were dying to see how the match played by Ronnie O`Sullivan and Dominic Dale will end; and more since O`Sullivan`s form has been so wonderfully good lately. Well, their hopes weren’t to be in vain as "The Rocket" put quite a show that drove the whole audience absolutely mad with excitement.

As the scoreline was in favor of O`Sullivan, 7-2 after the first session, the three-time world champion started his run with a magical 115 break that was extending his lead, a beautiful 96 that put him just one step away from victory and with another century break, this time an 100 one, to conclude his high standard played snooker.

"Spaceman" Dale returns to Vienna

One of the most clear victories that O`Sullivan has cashed lately is sustained by that final score of 10-2. No one can say that he didn’t play good, because his exhibitions shots and those marvelous high breaks are a living proof that he has enjoyed himself while playing at the Crucible today and that he was at his best.

Below you can see O`Sullivan and Dale’s statements after the end of their match.

Regarding the match that had its first session disputed earlier on, the match between Ricky Walden and Rory McLeod, I have to tell you that it was going soooo slow that they had to play only eight frames instead of nine. Well, if McLeod was part of the equation this isn’t too much of a shock, is it? :-))
But let’s see what happened, shall we?

Rory McLeod and his slow cueing style...
The boys were constantly separated by one frame, as McLeod took the opening frame with a break o 85, Walden responded with a 61, and then Rory went back in the lead by hitting in runs of 45 and 20, as Walden hit a 59 to get the score all draw at 2-2.
After the mid-session interval Walden was unlucky to miss an easy red as he was making a 48 break this permitting McLeod go take the lead once more, but the following two frames were going to turn the score upside down. Breaks of 64 and 42 were putting Ricky in front, for the first time in the match 4-3 but his glory wasn’t to last too much as his rival succeeded in pulling one back and set the scoreline at 4-4.