World Championship 2011 - Day 5 - Graeme Dott fills the spot

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Graeme Dott seems to be back in business
Graeme Dott, the 2006 world champion, succeeded in filling one of those Last 16 sports available for the best players, by beating Mark King 10-7 in a wonderful match that saw him performing beautifully and fluently like in his glorious days.
John Higgins and Stephen Lee were set at the near table to finish their first session, a session that was ended in favor of the "Wizard of Wishaw", 6-3.

Great performance from Graeme Dott, a player that didn’t have such a good season really. He dominated the first session by flying 6-2 up against his opponent, only to see King pulling one back as their encounter was over. But during the last session Dott was "the king" of King :-))
He took the first frame of the afternoon to extend his lead at 7-3, but King was going to hit a tremendous 138 in the next frame to win it. And I can’t overlook the fact that King’s break is the highest so far, so good job my friend :-)

The ambitious King in action
But Mark King’s action of cueing through the balls was not over yet, for he won two more frames and now he was getting dangerously closer to his rival at 6-7. It was only natural to see Dott cash so more frame in order to try and restore that "previous order", so breaks of 44 and 33 put him in a three points lead position 9-6.
One last effort, a break of 79 and King was reducing the gap at just two points, but that came a bit too late as the following frame was won by the Scotsman who ended the battle at 10-7. Top class snooker from Graeme there and a really big ambition from King! Both players deserve our applause. :-)

At table number two, John Higgins and Stephen Lee were starting their first session, session that’s favored the Scot who’s leading 6-3.
John Higgins and Stephen Lee
The first frame saw a pretty odd debut as both players missed a lot of balls and Lee even made the cue ball fly over the green (that he was trying to hit). In the end the ice was broken and Lee took the opening frame, but Higgins was careful enough as to draw with the first occasion so with a bit of help from a 56 break the scoreline was now 1-1.

The mid-session interval found Higgins in the lead 3-1 after winning two frames on a row by hitting in runs of 70, 31 and 29 and after those 15 minutes of "tea and scones" he extended that lead to 5-1 after making a beautiful 132 and a 101. Still, Lee wasn’t going to be left outside so he stormed in order to win himself a couple of frame too as the scoreline was going 5-3.
Minutes before the session was over Higgins pulled another amazing break of 131 to freeze the score at 6-3 in his favor.