World Championship 2011 - Day 6 - Higgins kneels "Bulldog" Lee

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John Higgins books himself a place into the Last 16
John Higgins is the last name to fill that last spot left for the Last 16 round, the Scotsman beating this real “Bulldog" of snooker Stephen Lee, 10-5 in a "raining- century breaks" match.
At the near table one of the most waited matches of all day, Judd Trump and Martin Gould, were disputing their first session of the Last 16 round, the two’s encounter being ended on a 5-3 result, in favor of Juddy.

It’s really no doubt who dominated the first part of the match gave between Higgins and Lee, as the "Wizard of Wishaw" hit no more than three century breaks to make the scoreline go in his favor, 6-3. The second session wasn’t going to be much of a difference.

Bulldog Lee ends his run
As the ref in charge was saying that everything is ready for the boys` last session, Higgins practically stormed in as to take over the first two frames with runs of 124 and a 43. He was now 8-3 up against Lee, but the mighty "Bulldog" wasn’t ready to give up so he put himself together as to hit a marvelous 101 and a 40 and reduce a bit of that gap between him and John at 5-8.

Still, Higgins seemed unstoppable! With breaks of 74 and 81 he conquered the following two frames as to set his victory on a final 10-5 scoreline, scoreline that’s bringing him a genuine battle of nerves against Rory McLeod. This should be interesting to see! :-P

Judd Trump is leading Martin Gould
Judd Trump and Martin Gould were all set up for their first session on the near table, Trump taking control with a 5-3 lead.
If the start of the match seemed like going into a one way traffic route as Juddy`s runs of 54 and 92 were bringing him the first three frames of the evening, as the battle developed, Gouldie succeeded in leveling the match by winning one frame at a time, with a bit of help from breaks of 75 and 40.
It was three a piece when Trump hit a 80 as to put his nose in front, this time Gould not succeeding in responding as well as he did it the last time so the youngster from Bristol won the next frame to set the partial scoreline 5-3 in his favor.

Day 7 is all about the Last 16 round:

10:00 (UK time)
Graeme Dott v. Ali Carter
Mark Williams (7) v. Jamie Cope (1)

13:30 (UK time)
Judd Trump (5) v. Martin Gould (3)
Mark Allen v. Barry Hawkins

19:00 (UK time)
Graeme Dott v. Ali Carter
Mark Williams v. Jamie Cope*
* the last session

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