A new chance for amateur players

14:34:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

World Snooker has announced that in order to make snooker part of everyone’s life (in this case for the amateur players) they’ve implemented a new way to qualify for the main tour. Although this rule will apply for the 2012/2013 season, the top eight amateur players from the final PTC Order of Merit will to earn a spot for the fabulous main tour.

It’s true, I tell you! Upon my word! :-)) World Snooker is trying to make snooker more popular than ever and what better way to do it that receiving the best of the best on its main tour. And since the best of he best doesn’t automatically mean professional, the amateur players will stand a change to complete a full season along with the heavy names in the business.

At the end of the 2011/2012 snooker season, the top eight players of the final PTC Order of Merit will get a place in the main tour for the 2012/2013 season even if they are amateur players. This changes the current rule a bit, since at the moment the eight players that received a place for the next season are only Tour players.
So, it’s simple, if you didn’t get the chance to qualify for the Top 64 and you are eligible for the PTC Order of Merit Top 8, than you are in. ;-)

Barry Hearn, chairman of World Snooker, said: "This is another step towards opening the game up, giving everybody a chance to qualify and making sure we have the best players on the professional Tour.

Last season there were some fantastic performances in the PTC events from amateurs such as Daniel Wells and Michael Wasley, and this time we are rewarding amateurs and giving them every encouragement to enter the PTC events.

We are going into new territories with the PTC series this season and hoping to broadcast some of the European ones on Eurosport. The players are realising now that these events are not to be missed and I hope to see record numbers."

A great news if I might add and a wonderful opportunity for those who really want a "piece of heaven" :-)) Still, hard work is part of the equation for in order to be in the final Top 8 is not such an easy task. However with 12 PTC events and the first four awaiting for its contestants to enter (by the way, read this!) the chance to be the next player who "wows" the snooker world seems more likely. :-)