Pink Ribbon Tournament ready for its second year

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P. Mount with M.Holt, the 1st winner of the Pink Ribbon
It feels like only yesterday I was sitting home and saw that the lovely South West Snooker Academy from Gloucester was holding a very interesting tournament - the Pink Ribbon. This wonderful competition is it truly an innovation, as it combines snooker with charity, a very important part of the received incomes going to Breast Cancer Charities.

It’s been a year since the first edition (that also meant the official opening of the SWSA) of this tournament took place and now it’s time to have a second one. More powerful and more pink that ever, the 2011 Pink Ribbon tournament it’s ready to be launched at sea. It stands for a better snooker, but also for making people aware of this horrible disease named breat cancer. So during 1-5 of June, the beautiful South West Snooker Academy will open its doors (not that they are ever closed) to twice the number of last year participants.

Several months ago I was fortunate enough as to interview Mr. Paul Mount, the proud creator of what we now call the SWSA, and I know that the Academy’s first year of life was a year filled with nothing but hard work and more hard work. A child’s dream to putting together a special place so the snooker players can practice and have the best conditions so one day they will conquer people’s hearts was transformed into reality. As the SWSA was born, Paul Mount recruited a genuine Pink Army, an army that has the likes of Jimmy White, Reanne Evans or Tony Drago.

But let’s go back to the Pink Ribbon Tournament. This year the total prize money reaches up to £10,000, from which £ 2,400 will be cashed by the winner. Last year the winner was Michael Holt, the youngster beating the legendary Jimmy White 6-5. Maybe this year, Jimmy will take revenge, as I know he is in great form after hitting a marvelous 147 break with the Snooker Legends Tour just a few days ago.

The rule at hand is "the best of 7” from the preliminary rounds to the final, the whole event being fully covered by the South West Snooker Academy official website. However, I also promise to keep you in touch with what happens daily in Gloucester, so don’t forget to take a glance from time to time to this blog ;-)

Day 1 (June 1st) schedule and matches:

From 7pm
1.Stephen Kent v. Ben Fortey
3.Roland Cox v. David Bailey
4.Alex Taubman v. Matt Northern
5.James Loft v. Philip Wildman
6.James Hill v. Terry Challenger
9.Phil O'Kane v. Sachin Plaha
10.Ollie Douglas v. Paul Mount
12.Simon Woodward v. Stephen Ellis
13.Tom Johnson v. Gavin Lewis
56.Ricky Hong Chin v. Anthony Robson
57.Darryl Hill v. Ben Harrison
11.Alex Hutchings v. Guy Loft
62.Nick Pearce v. Ross Muir

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“Snooker, my love” wishes best of luck to all players. May the Pink Ribbon tournament begin! :-)