Q School Event two - Four more for the road

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Li Yan grabs a place with the snooker stars
Yesterday, four more players succeeded in earning a precious spot to play in this year’s snooker professional circuit after a hard battle that lasted no more than five days. Two Chinese players, Li Yan and Tian Pengfei, one Englishman, Simon Bedford and one Irishman, David Morris will be the lads that will delight us with their snooker skills in the following months.

The Q School Event Two started on May 17th and ended on May 22nd, this giving four more players the opportunity to play along with the heavy names in the snooker world. But let’s see how did they make it happen, ok?

The mighty Tian Pengfei
Li Yan had a pretty easy start as his first-round opponent, Gareth Coates withdrew from the event, but soon after that his "fury" was going to be unleashed as he stormed in to whitewash the legendary Tony Knowles and the Australian Vinnie Calabrese 4-0.
However his wonderful evolution knew a moment of major tension as the match he played against Kyren Wilson ended on a 4-3 final result. Still, the final battle was going to be won by the little Chinese player as he hammered David Gray 4-1 in order to win a place on Tour.

Another brilliant player and more known by the eyes of the large public, Tian Pengfei was also on his way to victory. And as well as his countryman, Tian started fearless of competition by crashing his first opponent, David McLellan 4-0, he continued by obtaining a scoreline of 4-1 in front of Rob James, then he returned to "let’s whitewash them all" beating Ben Judge and Sean o`Sullivan 4-0. The last battle he gave was against David Gilbert, a player that had a very good run in this event, but sadly lost to Tian 2-4.

And that’s about it from China. Now’s the time to move to both Ireland and England to see how the boys cashed victory.

Ireland takes revenge with Morris
David Morris started with a decisive 4-0 over the Indian player Manish Jain and kept going in a spectacular way as he defeated a very dangerous opponent, the Chinese Mei Xi Wen 4-2. The smell of drama was felt in the air as David ended on a decider with Garry Wilson 4-3, only to see him back in business and winning 4-0 over Adam Duffy.
The final victory was once more decided by the last frame, Michael Wild being the man to beat. As the last task was completed by David he has became our third man on Tour, after winning Event Two.

Simon Bedford did it!
Last but not least, England can be prod of his boy, Simon Bedford being the one that defeated the Scotsman Fraser Patrick 4-1, the Indian Mohammed Raoof 4-0, ended on a tight 4-3 with Stuart Carrington, hammered Joel Walker 4-1 and finally put an end to another Walker, this time Lee Walker with a 4-3 scoreline. Mission accomplished!

So, along with Event One winners (Andrew Norman, Adam Wicheard, David Grace and Robin Hull) four more can celebrate the victory after winning Event Two (Li Yan, Tian Pengfei, David Morris and Simon Bedford).
However, don’t forget that Event Three has just kicked off, after five more days four more players finding their way to the main circuit. This is the last chance they have so best of luck and may the best four win! :-))

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