Wedding bells in the snooker world

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We all love weddings! Well, almost all of us. But when it comes to our beloved snooker players I think we can all agree that it’s a great thing to hear they’ve decided to take the big step.

After a very hard season, after playing in numerous tournaments, after travelling high and low the UK and after flying all the way to China for some events, the two Mark’s of snooker are ready to make official their current relationships.

So, Mark Selby who popped the question to his fiancée Vikki Layton last year in Venice (oh, how romantic!) and Mark Williams, who is in a long term relationship with Joanne Dent (and they have two adorable children together, Connor and Kian) will end up with rings on their fingers in just a few days from now.

Mark Williams and Jo Dent
The first to say the famous " I do!" will be the mighty Welshman, Mark Williams who will get married with Jo Dent on May 17th in a very warmer location, as far as I am told it might just be Mexico. Mark and Jo have been engaged since 2002 so it was about time to see this lovely couple get married.

Mark Selby and Vikki Layton
Mark Selby, the so called "Jester from Leicester" will get married in Cancun, Mexico in an exotic atmosphere, surrounded by a few friends and family and the date for this event is: pam, pam pam...I hear drums .....the suspense is rising.....24 May! 

Yep, so girls...I’m afraid you’ve lost both of them :-))
I’m sure both ceremonies will be more than wonderful so my sincere congratulations to both couples and all the best in their married lives :-)