What`s down under? Snooker, of course!

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G. Hooton, N. Robertson, Ms Louise Asher, Mayor Rod Fyffe
Snooker is going to travel high and low the planet this year in order to make itself more known to everyone and since it means serious business we shall have a ranking event in the land of kangaroos and Dingo dogs - Australia. World Snooker announced that between 18 and 24 of July the lovely city of Bendigo (state Victoria) will held the "Australian Goldfields Open".

The Americans say that if you start to dig a hole in the USA and you keep on digging and digging, then you might reach China. So one may thing that if you start doing the same thing in the UK you end up in Australia. Anyway that’s pure nonsense as you are all aware, but what’s really cool is that snooker is travelling from the UK to its old time friend Australia not through a tunnel but through air :-))

Although Australia is no strange from snooker, it’s such a long time since we’ve had a ranking event there. I mean, sure there was an Australia Open back in the Mesozoic Era, but things have changed since then and now snooker is more powerful than it ever was, trying to regain its lost territory.
In all do honesty I can’t think of a better ambassador for snooker in Australia rather than Neil Robertson. The 2010 world champion that made his first steps here, he’s lived most of his life in these surroundings and the vibe of Australia made him be prouder than ever when he finally succeeded to be world champion.

I remember when snooker travelled to Germany later this year in order to reenact the German Masters. What a thrill that was and what a blast! A total success that made the European continent to be overwhelmed with excitement and the UK prouder as a young pup that took his first 10 in school.

Welcome down under :-)
The Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Louise Asher said: "The Australian Goldfields Open is the latest addition to Victoria's award winning major events calendar of exciting, world-class events that is sure to thrill and entertain Victorians and visitors alike.
The event will showcase our beautiful and historic Goldfields region through a global broadcast which will reach over 66 countries; including key tourism markets such as China and the United Kingdom."

The man that made all this possible or at least had much to do with the subject, the mighty Barry Hearn, announced that this event it is scheduled for a period of three years and that it will be showed live on FOX SPORTS. Yay! :-))

Neil Robertson, the player that represents Australia in the snooker modern era added: "This is a long-standing dream come true for me, as I am sure it is for many snooker players and fans in Australia. To have a world ranking event in my home state will be just unbelievable and I hope to get a lot of support.

I know some of the other players are excited about coming to Australia and I'm looking forward to showing them around. It's fantastic to see snooker becoming much more of a global game - it looks like we'll be clocking up a lot of air miles in the next few years!"

So, 32 of the world’s best players will pack their bags and fly down under for a snooker event that will put Australia on top of the map ... well, at least on the Snooker Map and that’s all that counts for us, the snooker loopies.
Don’t forget to clear your schedule for July for this event will surely bring out the best of snooker.

P.S. For the Australian snooker fans: I envy you soooo much! :-)) 

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