World Championship 2011 - Day 15 - Trump and Higgins in the final

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Judd Trump reaches the final! What a moment!
The official countdown for finding out the winner, the champion of this year’s World Championship it’s on as we have the two finalists that will give 100% of their talent, ambition and determination to win this amazing event.
Judd Trump was the first to reach the final, as he beat his dangerous competitor Ding Junhui 17-15, while the mighty "Wizard of Wishaw" John Higgins beat one of the most precious talents that snooker has, Mark Williams after a genuine battle of cues, 17-14.

These two semi-finals were a true delight for every true snooker fan out there. It was heaven on Earth! All four players have done their job in the most spectacular way, a way that was filled with drama and excitement. One of the best semi-finals we’ve ever had here at the Crucible, that’s how I think!

Judd Trump succeeded in beating Ding Junhui after a match that saw both players leading and being lead. The last session was started from zero, as the scoerline was 12-12 so you can imagine how equilibrated this match was. Until a point that is.

The one who dared in taking the lead was Juddy, for he won the first two frames with breaks of 74 and 89, but Ding wasn’t giving up the fight so he replayed with a beautiful 138 to reduce the difference and a 47 to draw at 14-14 just as the interval was kicking off.

Ding Junhui has done his job this year
A beautiful break of 119 was hit by Ding to put his nose in front, but Trump restored the equality in a few minutes and took care of Ding’s domination to end. The following two frames were going to be won by the youngster from Bristol, Juddy hitting in runs of 68 and 105 to end the match on a 17-15 scoreline and reach the final.

What a victory for this boy! For this talented boy that seems to be quite invincible! Top class snooker, 100% dedication, he enjoys himself playing, he’s taking chances and he makes the audience go mad with excitement. A true player!
On the other hand we can’t blame little Ding there. He played more than brilliant in this tournament and he proved that lifting that shiny trophy is just a matter or time. He will be King one day! That’s for sure. But until then, he can be pleased for reaching the semi-final and playing more than wonderful. :-)

Some real drama was happening in the second semi-final as John Higgins and Mark Williams were playing tremendous snooker. It was such a classical clash between two genuinely snooker gladiators! It was a thrill to see them play each other and it’s impossible to say " I didn’t like it!" They performed stunningly well!
However the drama was part of the equation as the boys had to play two sessions in one day and although in the first two Higgins seemed a bit overwhelmed by Williams` great form, in the last two sessions things were totally different.

John Higgins points his finger to the sky for his late dad
As the third session was starting, Higgins was being lead 9-7 by the mighty "Welsh Potting Machine" and although the Scotsman took the first frame under his belt, Mark responded by taking the following one to restore his dominancy at 10-8.
It seemed to be a sharing frame pattern as one frame was being won by Williams and one frame by Higgins, the Scotsman being unable to catch up with his rival. But miracles can happen at the Crucible and during frame number 22, Higgins succeeded in leveling the match 11-11.

This was the start of him taking control of the match as his confidence was more than enough to win the next two frames and set the first session on a 13-11 scoreline in his favor. This was getting interesting.

The evening and last session made its debut with a marvelous 147 attempt from Mark Williams, unfortunately missed. Still, a break of 105 was guarantying Williams to be just one point behind Higgins at 12-13. From this point on the "one frame distance" pattern was being used again, as Higgins extended his lead at 14-12 and Williams responded with a 92 break for 14-13. Once more John was going to re-open the gap at two points as he hit a marvelous 123 to go 15-13.
It was a creepy moment, as a hooligan started screaming rude things to Higgins something about the money he agreed to take in order to lose frames (you all remember the News of the World sting) and that "he is a disgrace to snooker". The top ref Eirian Williams took care of the idiot that had no respect on snooker what so ever and Higgins continued his break. That’s what players do...they keep playing!

Mark Williams, the man who`s always a champion
After the 15 minute break, Williams hit an 84 break to set the score at 14-15, but that was unfortunately for him, his last contribution to the faith of the match. Higgins took the remaining frames to win 17-14 and pointed his finger to the sky dedicating the victory to his late father who’s probably looking down from heaven at his beloved son. A magical moment! :-)

There were times when I didn’t think Higgins could defeat Williams, as the Welshman was playing more than wonderful, but the Crucible tension tends to get to each player and in the end it took over Mark. You can’t blame Mark, as he played at his best in this tournament and he is one of the most sincere and nice players and people that I ever know. He always speaks his mind, he’s never afraid of saying the truth, he is disciplined, he is determined and he is a champion no matter what.

Higgins proved he is to be considered for the trophy. He is one hell of a player and honestly I really don’t know how on Earth someone can play the way he does after the year he’s had. Either you like him or not, snooker is snooker and a genuine fan knows to read between the lines and respect what he’s done for the sport. Although many people can’t forget what happened, this has nothing to do with the fact that he is a brilliant player. Top class, a gentleman and a very sensible person.

The big final is here, you can smell it in the air. It’s the smell of "Here we go!" The rule at hand is "the best of 35".

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Judd Trump v. John Higgins

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Judd Trump v. John Higgins

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Enjoy snooker, my dears Snooker Loopies!