World Championship 2011 - The Final - In search of a champion

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Youg Trump takes the lead over Higgins
The day has come to find out the champion of this year’s World Championship. Since yesterday, the boys have kept on playing in order to obtain the best possible result and start the final day with a bit more confidence. With two session finished and two more to come, emotions are running wild in the Crucible Theatre where John Higgins and Judd Trump are disputing the most important match in the snooker world: the World Championship big fat final!

The first two sessions that took place yesterday saw Juddy taking control of the match with a 10-7 scoreline over a more experienced, but kind of sloppy John Higgins. The majority of Higgins` frame winning opportunities came because Trump missed unexpectedly and the Scotsman returned to the table to clear it. We often call it a "steal", but that’s nothing to do with someone entering your house and robbing it. The main problem here is that when the three-time champion had the chance to start a break on his own, from the beginning of the match I mean, something happened: a kick, a terrible miss and Trump would take over that frame.

However the Scotsman efforts can’t be overlooked for he performed some cracking shots in both sessions and he was even in the lead more than once. Although the one who broke the ice was Trump, the youngster taking over the first two frames, Higgins succeeded in pulling back one by one and draw at two a piece. To make a comeback in front of such a great performer like Judd, well, that’s something few can accomplish and for that Higgins deserves to be considered for the trophy.

John Higgins needs to improve his tactic
The first session was ended on a tight 4-4 result and as the second one was starting the one who put his nose in front was Higgins. However Judd was careful enough s to take the next one and level the match, but also the following two, with breaks of 58 and 103. With a 7-5 advantage over the Scotsman, Judd was feeling pretty comfortable, but his happiness was soon over when Higgins won the next two frames to bring back the equality in the match at 7-7.
Still, a few misses and some horrible kicks changed the faith of the session, Judd Trump taking no more than three consecutive frames to end the evening leading John Higgins 10-7.

In my opinion if Higgins` form would have been a better one, like when he played in the UK Championship for example, he could have easily taken the lead in this match, because Trump missed more than one ball in the previous sessions. Most likely Judd is human and he is starting to feel the pressure of playing in such an important event’s final and if Higgins can take advantage of that he can defeat Trump with his eyes closed and his hands tight on his back.
However, if Higgins continues this not so brilliant form of playing the game and Trump continues to shine, then with all do respect, he deserves to be crowned at the end as the King of the 2011 World Championship.

The last day and last sessions` programme can be checked below:

14:00 (UK time)
Judd Trump v. John Higgins

19:00 (UK time)
Judd Trump v. John Higgins*
*the final session

TV coverage:
14:00-17:00 (British EuroSport)
14:00-18:00 (BBC 2)
19:00-22:00 (British EuroSport)
19:00-23:00 (BBC 2)

Best of luck to both players and may the best man win! Snooker is always the champion, no matter what the result will be! ;-)