Australian Goldfields Open qualifiers 2011 - start jumping!

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What are you doing there, mate?
Come on! We have to start training! Start jumping up and down like a crazy kangaroo! Come on, you can do it! Oooops, sorry that wasn't supposed to go this way. We aren't in Australia ... not yet at least. ;-)
However, we must train, and what a best way to do it than to start the qualifiers for this brand new ranking tournament from Down Under?!

Yep, today the qualifiers are underway as the snooker players are starting their battle of cues in Sheffield, the home of snooker. The World Snooker Academy has opened its doors once again and let in all those who are ready for the kill. Although the new event from Australia is a perfect occasion to travel more, it's also a pretty hard test of endurance: I mean, the hours you spend flying, the different timeline, the fact that you must be ready for action as soon as you arrive there ... those are pretty hard tasks.

So, for those who weren’t fortunate enough as to get a place into the TOP 16, the qualifiers is the perfect way to get some more practice and earn a sport into the 2011 Australia Goldfields Open. Pretty excitement times, don't you think?

We already have two wildcards that will take part at this amazing event, two brave snooker players from Australia, who by the way are also brothers (the brotherhood of snooker in action ;-) ). Steve Mifsud is a top amateur player that won the 2002 World Amateur Championship, while his brother James Mifsud won the City of Melbourne tournament.

However, I'll stop here with the info and let you "admire" Day 1 schedule and the first results. As you can see the rule at hand is “the best of 9” ;-)

3. Sam Baird 5 - 1 Luca Brecel
4. Andrew Pagett 5 - 4 Adam Wicheard
5. Paul Davison 5 - 3 David Hogan
6. Bjorn Haneveer 3 - 5 Andrew Norman
7. Joe Meara 3 - 5 David Morris
8. Michael White 4 - 5 Yu Delu

9. Dechawat Poomjaeng v. Robin Hull
10. Cao Yupeng v. Kurt Malin
11. Sam Craigie v. David Grace
12. Aditya Mehta v. Tian Pengfei

13. Ben Woollaston v. Adam Duffy
14. Scott MacKenzie v. Stuart Carrington
15. Kacper Filipiak v. Li Yan
16. Liam Highfield v. Simon Bedford
17. Passakorn Suwannawat v. David Gilbert
18. Daniel Wells v. James Wattana
*please note that all hours are UK time

See you tonight for the story of the first day!!!