Australian Goldfields Open qualifiers 2011 - Day 2

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Who dares to mess with Tian?
The second day of these very exiting Australian qualifiers didn't vary too much from the first day and that's because the Chinese players were at their best ... again. :-) Excepting the two Liu's of the competition (Chuang and Song) who lost their matches, but also Xiao Guodong, the rest of the remaining Chinese army has taken down one opponent after another.
The one that has shinned and can be easily named the star of the day is without doubt Tian Pengfei. The 23 year-old player hit three tons to win 5-1 over Scotland's Anthony McGill (104, 107 and 113). Totally amazing!

Sadly for the proud of Finland, Robin Hull wasn't so lucky and although he hit two marvelous century breaks (111, 100) he still found himself being defeated 5-2 by Jack Lisowski; this also being the case of Ian McCulloch, who succeeded to overcome Hull's highest break of these qualifiers (136) and replaced it with a gorgeous 141. However it wasn't enough: he lost 5-3 to Ben Woollaston. This is one of the reasons why I think that each snooker match is a genuine lesson of life - you can do all the right things and still lose. ;-)

Plenty of reason to smile, Jimmy ;-)
On a more positive note, our beloved Jimmy "The Whirlwind" White has had a pretty good start, winning 5-2 over the Scottish Paul Davison (hm ... a bit of 2011 World Open history repeating there), while his namesake, Jimmy Robertson performed the same scoreline over Andrew Pagett. White will face Rory McLeod in Round Three - this should be interesting ... man, I would kill to see this match :-)))
Another brilliant victory was cashed by Kurt Maflin, Norway's ambassador beating Peter Lines 5-3 to set a meeting with Michael Holt in the next round, but unfortunately this can't be said about James Wattana, the sensational Thai losing a very tight battle with Matt Couch 5-4.

Below you can find Day 2 list of results:

19. Adrian Gunnell 5-4 Sam Baird
20. Jimmy Robertson 5-2 Andrew Pagett
21. Jimmy White 5-2 Paul Davison
22. Liu Chuang 3-5 Andrew Norman
23. Rod Lawler 5-3 David Morris
24. Joe Swail 1-5 Yu Delu

25. Jack Lisowski 5 - 2 Robin Hull
26. Peter Lines 3 - 5 Kurt Maflin
27. Liu Song 3 - 5 Sam Craigie
28. Anthony McGill 1 - 5 Tian Penfei

29. Ian McCulloch 3 - 5 Ben Woollaston
30. Andy Hicks 1 - 5 Scott MacKenzie
31. Alan McManus 1 - 5 Li Yan
32. Xiao Guodong 4 - 5 Liam Highfield
33. Alfie Burden 2 - 5 Dave Gilbert
34. Matt Couch 5 - 4 James Wattana

Day 3 schedule and matches:

35. Matthew Selt v. Adrian Gunnell
36. Mark Joyce v. Jimmy Robertson
37. Rory McLeod v. Jimmy White
38. Jamie Burnett v. Andrew Norman
39. Mike Dunn v. Rod Lawler
40. Joe Jogia v. Yu Delu

41. Tom Ford v. Jack Lisowski
42. Michael Holt v. Kurt Maflin
43. Fergal O'Brien v. Sam Craigie
44. Anthony Hamilton w/d v. w/o Tian Pengfei

45. Jamie Jones v. Ben Woollaston
46. Tony Drago v. Scott MacKenzie
47. Nigel Bond v. Li Yan
48. Steve Davis v. Liam Highfield
49. Dave Harold v. David Gilbert
50. Barry Pinches v. Matt Couch
*all hours are UK time