Pink Ribbon Tournament 2011 - Day 1

12:02:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Mr. Paul Mount and his team of Pinky Snooker Players
The first day of the Pink Ribbon tournament, although a short one as only 12 matches were played, marked the start of the qualifying rounds. 

With some pretty nice half century breaks, the players took their first step towards the final victory that will happen on Sunday evening. Still a long road to go, but it’s all done in good faith, with a positive energy vibe that can be felt in all corners of the South West Snooker Academy from Gloucester.

Here are yesterday’s results:

Stephen Kent 1-4 Ben Fortey
Roland Cox 0-4 (50) David Bailey
Alex Taubman (61) 4-1 Matt Northern
James Loft 4-2 Terry Challenger
Phil O'Kane 4-0 Sachin Plaha
Ollie Douglas (71,63) 4-0 Paul Mount
Simon Woodward 0-4 Stephen Ellis
Tom Johnson 1-4 Gavin Lewis
Ricky Hong Chin 4-0 Anthony Robson
Darryl Hill 1-4 (50) Ben Harrison
Alex Hutchings w/o Guy Loft
Nick Pearce 3-4 (60) Ross Muir

Today we go full speed ahead with no more than seven rounds of playful snooker :-)) The sessions will start from 9am and the last one from 7pm. See you tonight for the results :-)