Pink Ribbon Tournament 2011 - Day 2

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Chris Norbury
A glorious second day in the beautiful city of Gloucester where snooker seems to be the name of the game, the only thing that matters these days :-) This is practically players` last chance to get some practice, win some money but also to be part of something big that stands for rising awareness against this terrible disease that breast cancer is, because a few days after the Pink Ribbon tournament will be over the new snooker season will break through.

The South West Snooker Academy is packed with players but also with staff members that are taking care so everything will go according to plan. Since this is a very important project for Paul Mount’s Pink Team, they are constantly checking that everything it’s in place and that the players can do what they do best - play snooker :-))

Yesterday, Chris Norbury was the man to beat, as the (still) 24 year-old player from England hit the highest break of this tournament (so far!); a beautiful 132. He sadly missed the pink because he was aiming for a 145 to close the table. He won his qualifying match against Matthew Lancaster 4-1, by adding to that ton two half century breaks of 54 and 59.

Nick Pearce
Ben Harrison seems to be taking every possible chance that he is given to cash one victory after another, the Englishman winning over Lewis Frampton and Gavin Lewis 4-1 in the preliminary rounds and crashing Guy Loft 4-0 and hammering Darryl Hill 4-1 in the qualifying rounds. Top class snooker from a very active Twitter fan who likes to keep his fans informed all day long about his progress with snooker.

Another two players worth to be mentioned here, as both Craig Barber and Alex Taubman did a pretty good job in qualifying for the next stage of this lovely and entertaining tournament. Craig was the one that whitewashed James Popplewell and Ben Fortley 4-0 and beat Oliver Brown 4-2, while Alex started with a 4-1 scoreline over Matt Northern, continued with a 4-2 against Ryan Causton and ended with another 4-1 in the match he played with David Bailey.

Paul Mount
The two "Nick`s" of the competition, Nick Jennings and Nick Peace, can be made responsible for some pretty nice half century breaks and quite a show. Unfortunately Pearce was a bit unlucky to lose 4-3 to Ross Muit, after winning 4-1 over Shane Castle (this including a beautiful century break), 4-0 over Roland Cox (71,64) and  Luke Towner (62, 69).
However, Jennings won all his matches: 4-1 with Syd Wilson (69), 4-2 with Michael Wasley and 4-0 with Darryl Hill ((87,50,76).

Sadly, it wasn’t such a lucky day for Master Paul Mount who lost all his four matches (4-2 John Hartley, 4-0 Ollie Douglas, 4-3 Ross Muir and Richard Remelie) and also for Hannah Jones who lost to Ryan Causton and Gavin Lewis 4-0.

Friday marks the entering of the pros on stage so we shall see some interesting scorelines in the following days.
You can check the full list of results here.

See you next time, snooker loopies! :-))